Craftsman VS. Husqvarna

Craftsman VS. Husqvarna Lawn Mowers: A comparative Review

CRAFTSMAN CMCMW260P1 V60 21" 3-in-1 Lawn Mower with CMCST960E1 V60 Brushless WEEDWACKER Cordless String Trimmer with Quickwind

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  • Part of the V60 cordless system
  • Part of the versa-track wall organization system
  • Brushless motor - with high performance 60V 2.5Ah Battery pack for long runtime
  • Powerful 60V motor -for high power output 3-in-1 - mulching, bagging and side discharging
  • 21" Metal deck - for premium durability

Husqvarna L321AHE Lawn Mowers, Orange/Gray

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  • Husqvarna All wheel drive 21 in. Walk behind lawn mower includes electric start and is ideal for medium to large yards with hilly and uneven terrain
  • Robust 173cc kohler HD Series engine delivers plenty of turf-cutting power
  • Advanced hi-tunnel mower is equipped to lift grass for optimum, precision cuts each and every time
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the handle in 4 different cutting heights from 1 inch to 4 inches
  • Exclusive all wheel drive system provides traction in all types of terrain, while the variable speed and 11 in. Rear wheels make maneuvering fast and easy

As much as you love your lawn, you probably don’t love cutting it. The sight of freshly cut grass gives you that awesome feeling, but going out in the sun, sweating for hours and trimming the lawn? Well, not so much!

And it does not matter just how many times you look out the window, that lawn with towering grass isn’t going to cut itself. You might want to invest on ordinary lawn mowers to do the job, but believe me when I say that it’s going to be difficult, particularly if you’ve got a huge property.

So, how do you get your garden back in shape without spending the whole day mowing it down to perfection?

Get a ride-on mower!

It requires less effort since you only get to sit on top, driving your way through your lawn and finishing earlier to lounge and enjoy the summer sun.

But, buying a ride-on lawn mower is not something you do every day. And with such steep price tags and so many options to choose from, choosing the best can be a daunting task, so it is best to stick around reputable brand names.

And in this article, let us put the best creation of two of the most reputable and respected brands in the industry— Craftsman vs. Husqvarna.

Craftsman Brief Overview

The Craftsman brand name is a line of tools and equipment for gardening and lawn maintenance as well as work wear. It was originally owned by Sears, however, it is now controlled by Stanley Black & Decker. The Craftsman’s trademark was registered on May 1927 and its early customers were mostly farmers. Its products were sold in Sears, its sister retailer Kmart and other retailers.

Stanley Black & Decker purchased and acquired the Craftsman brand from the Sears Holding last 2017 and Sears only kept a limited license for the Craftsman products.

One of brand’s best ride-on lawnmower creation is the Craftsman 46” T150 19HP Briggs & Stratton Gold Gas Powered Riding Lawn Mower. Rated #1 in Amazon’s New Releases in Riding Lawn Mowers and Tractors, this riding lawn mower is designed to ensure precise and quick mowing while keeping you comfortable.

Husqvarna Brief Overview

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Husqvarna Group manufactures outdoor power products including sewing machines, mowers, garden tractors, cultivators, brushcutters, trimmers, and chainsaw as well as consumer watering products, diamond tools and cutting equipment for the stone and construction industries.

The Husqvarna Company has been around for over 300 years and started out as a rifle factory. But with time, they become more focused on creating durable and high-quality outdoor power equipment.

One of Husqvarna’s best ride-on lawn mowers is the YTA24V48 24V Tractor Mower. A real beast, this ride-on lawn mower lives up to the company’s solid reputation and offers power, versatility and incredibly fast and professional results that makes it one of the best lawn-cutting equipment in its category.

Craftsman VS. Husqvarna Comparison

Cutting Deck Width

The biggest difference between the Craftsman model and Husqvarna model is the size of the machine themselves.

The Craftsman comes with a whopping 46 inches cut width, but still managed to getbeaten by Husqvarna with 48 inches cutting width. This is extremely important in terms of your lawn size.

If you have a yard that is at least an acre or less, then you can work with a machine that is at least 30 – 42 inches in size.

In such a case, the Craftsman is the mower for you, providing the closest balance of power with size. This is the perfect range for yards since it finishes the job quicker than the traditional push mower but does not come at the expense of maneuverability and ease of use.

However, if you’ve got a bigger yard to maintain, Craftsman can still do a good job, but you are better off with the 48-inches cutting width that Husqvarna has to offer. The extra inches should help get the job done more easily and quickly.

Number Of Cutting Blades

The Craftsman loses in this category with only 2 cutting blades, a blade short from the Husqvarna model. With any cutting equipment, blades play a crucial role in increasing the cutting speed. And with a greater number of cutting blades, the faster the cutting speed.

Speed Adjustability

Husqvarna has a maximum forward speed of 7.75 MPH and has a pedal-operated automatic transmission that features cruise control in order to maintain consistent speed, even on rough and bumpy terrains.

However, even with only 5.5 mph maximum forward speed, Craftsman wins featuring a hydrostatic transmission that makes it easy for you to control the speed of your mower without changing gears or using a clutch.


The best ride-on lawn mowers offer accessories for versatility. Mulching kits or blades are the most common accessories which have the ability to keep grass trimmings circulating under the mower deck. This allows the blade to cut the trimmings repeatedly and make smaller trimmings. Both Craftsman and Husqvarna offers optional mulching kits but are sold separately.


Horsepower or HP for short, measures the power output of a ride-on mower engine. The more HP a mower has, the more work it can do. Usually riding lawn mowers with higher HP are faster and can handle even the roughest terrains.

So, in this category, the clear winner would be the Husqvarna model with 24HP than the Craftsman with only 19HP.


Since you will sit on top of the machine and drive your way around to clean cut your yard, you will need something that offers stability.

Craftsman offers 20 inches rear wheels and 15 inches front wheels for better clearance and less bumpy driving as well as easy maneuvering on your yard.

Meanwhile, Husqvarna features the same size of rear and front wheels, but with an anti-scalpfeature. This means that the wheels offer better traction on the ground so it can be driven over the most uneven terrains without any problem. In addition, Husqvarna also added a heavy-duty cast front axle which helps support superior stability and balance as you drive around.


Both model also makes comfort a priority.

Craftsman offers a supportive mid-back seat that sits on yourback for added comfort. It also accommodates users of varying heights with its adjustable seat settings.

Meanwhile, the Husqvarna model features specially-designed ergonomic seats that do not put any stress on your back, preventing back pain and keeping your comfortable. You also got an option to change the seat height setting for your personal preference. In addition, its steering wheel is over-molded so it is super easy to handle, which means that even if you have sweaty hands, your grip will not loosen.

Height Cutting Adjustments

In terms of trimming down grasses on your yard, you might want some options for how short or long you want the grasses.Husqvarna offers you more choices with a fender-mounted cutting height adjustment from 1.5 inches to 4 inches high, in contrast with Craftsman that only offers cutting height adjustment from 1.5 inches to 3.75 inches

Fuel Tank Size

In terms of fuel tank capacity, Husqvarna ride-on mower wins with a 3-gallon tank capacity than the Craftsman with only 1.3-gallon capacity. This means that the Husqvarna mower holds a good amount of fuel so that you will have fewer stops in order to refill the tank.

Reverse Mowing

Reverse mowing allows you to quickly and easily maneuver in and out of trouble spots.

Here, Craftsman is the winner with a maximum reverse speed of 5.5 MPH, while the Husqvarna model only has 3 MPH maximum reverse speed.

Overall Value

Lastly, I’ll talk about the overall value.

Husqvarna offers amazing features that you can expect from a heavy-duty riding lawn mower and has the advantage on almost categories above. However, with added features also comes a steep price tag that might cause others to turn their back.

This is where the Craftsman model takes the spotlight with its great value and an $800 difference. And even at a more generous price tag, the Craftsman mower still offers decent features and still do its work properly.

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Craftsman VS. Husqvarna: Conclusion

Riding lawn mowers are quite expensive than the traditional lawn mower, however, they are wellworth every penny, especially if you have a large land that needs regular tending. These machines speed up the process and make significantly less work for you.

Despite their significant difference, both Craftsman and Husqvarna models are durable, heavy-duty and guaranteed to get the mowing done.

To be honest, Craftsman does not stand a chance when compared to the Husqvarna model. It is a premium mower with all the bells and whistles you can find.

However, if the overall value and price are what are you looking for, then the Craftsman model is much better. It still has the necessary features and power to get the work done easily and quickly.