Troy Bilt vs Cub Cadet


  • 1.9 bushel rear bag collects grass clippings for easy clean up or composting
  • Mulch kit included to help put nutrients back into soil for a healthier lawn
  • Side discharge chute comes with handy, built-in clip to attach to handle when not in use
  • California residents see Prop 65 Warnings

Cub Cadet 21 in. 159cc 3-in-1 High Rear Wheel Gas Walk-Behind Push Mower

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  • Ideal acreage: up to 0.25 acre; 21 in. steel cutting deck resists rust; 159 cc Cub Cadet performance-tuned OHV engine
  • SureStart guarantee ensures easy starting in 1 to 2 pulls; 21 in. Cub Cadet signature cut; Dual-lever, 6-position cutting height
  • Cutting height range 1.25 in. to 3.75 in.; High rear wheels; Mulch plug included
  • 1.9 bu. rear, dust blocking bagger included; Patented SmartJet high-pressure deck washing system included; Adjustable 3-position ergonomic handles
  • Industrial-tread tires; 3-year limited warranty

Troy Bilt and Cub Cadet are two extremely popular American brands that are renowned to be the biggest manufacturers and global exporters of riding lawn mowers.They are your partners in the yard and help you create your own, most perfect outdoor haven.

If you have a yard and are eager to invest in some tools and mowers for its beautification, it is obvious for you to face difficulty in choosing Troy Bilt over Cub Cadet or vice versa, as both brands offer high-quality products and are trusted by thousands of people around the globe.

Today, in this detailed review, we will help you overcome the confusion and make a choice between Troy Bilt and Cub Cadet based on their unique product features. For the ease of understanding, we will compare residential lawn mowers from both brands and find out which one offers a better deal for the owners of personal yards.

To analyze broadly and offer a fair judgement, we will pinpoint the similarities and differences between the products from Troy Bilt and Cub Cadet, but first, let us learn more about the two brands below.

Troy Bilt

Troy Bilt, formed in 1937 was the first company to launch an American-made rototiller. Today, it offers a massive product range of the highest quality lawn care equipment like tractors, riding lawn mowers, zero-turn mowers, walk-behind lawn mowers, edgers, string trimmers, cultivators, snow blowers, chipper shredders,and a bunch of other outdoor power tools as well.

Owing to its exceptional expertise and an extraordinarily durable product range, Troy Bilt has made a mark for itself in the garden tools industry. Its equipment has been manufactured to last longer and work even on the toughest fields, thus making your job simpler, safer, and time efficient.

For our purpose of comparison and review, we have chosen the Bronco 42″ Lawn Mower from Troy Bilt which is a highly powerful and truly easy to use lawn tractor against one from Cub Cadet’s finest yard mower range.


Cub Cadet

Based in Valley City, Ohio, the American company Cub Cadet was formed in 1961. Cub Cadet’s first product, a lawn mower called “The Original”, introduced in 1961 was known to aid the suburban homeowners of America to adorn their properties and gardens.

Today, Cub Cadet is the world’s biggest manufacturer and the largest global exporter of riding lawn mowers. It has a massive product line that ranks at the top of the garden tools market. Some of its most popular outdoor power products for the most amazing makeover of your lawn are – garden tractors, lap bar zero-turn riders, four-wheel steer zero-turn riders, utility vehicles,snow throwers, lithium ion- and gasoline-powered chore and handheld products, etc.

For our review purpose, we have selected XT1 Enduro Series LT46″ Lawn Mower from Cub Cadet which offers extreme ease of use with its hydrostatic transmission for comparison with Bronco 42″ Lawn Mower from Troy Bilt.

Bronco 42″ Lawn Mower from Troy Bilt Versus XT1 Enduro SeriesLT46″ Lawn Mower from Cub Cadet

Both the products in comparison here are the bestsellers in the residential mowers category of their respective brands. There are quite a few similarities in both these products and yet they both are fairly distinct. I own an acre of a yard and have personally used these mowers for a season each. I am elated to share with you, the product review and their comparison from my own personal experience.

Let us first discuss the parameters where both these products are the same before we address their differences and declare a winner. The Bronco 42″ Lawn Mower from Troy Bilt as well as the XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″ Lawn Mower from Cub Cadet are suitable for ½ to 2-acre residential yards and offer reverse mowing facility as well. They both run on gas power, are rear-wheel drive tractors, and provide a side discharge cutting option.

The Bronco 42″ and XT1Enduro Series LT 46″ have electric start, a maximum forward speed of 5.5 MPH, and a maximum reverse speed of 2.5MPH. Both these have a sturdy steel body and are apt for heavy-duty performance with added durability.


Troy Bilt V/s Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mower

Let us now address the differences between Bronco 42″ and XT1LT 46″ based on multiple factors listed below:

1. Cutting Cutting Deck Width

The Troy Bilt Bronco auto-drive riding mower has a 42 inches wide cutting deck with two blades.It cuts exceptionally well and very quickly with its side discharge cutting technique.

The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT also has a heavy duty twin-blade cutting deck but it is 4 inches wider than the Bronco cutting deck i.e. the Cub Cadet mower cutting deck has a total width of 46 inches.

2. Mulching

The mulching capability of the Troy Bilt Bronco 42″ lawn mower offers you the ease of returning nutrients to the soil for a healthier yard but the mulching kit isn’t included with the Troy Bilt tractor. It has to be separately purchased along with the other tractor attachments.

Same is the case with the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″ lawn tractor. It has a mulching capability but the lawn mower does not come with the mulching blades and the mulching kit must be purchased additionally. For mulching purposes, the stock blades of the Cub Cadet tractor are then replaced with the mulching blades. It has a fairly easy and quick installation process and works very well on your lawn.

3. Turning Radius

The Troy Bilt Bronco 42″ lawn mower has a turning radius of 18 inches which is absolutely great for a tractor of this size and built. With this turning radius, you can easily navigate around the obstacles.It allows efficient mowing even in tighter spaces and enables to trim the grass near the shrubs and close to the trees as well.

The turning radius of the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″ lawn mower is 16 inches and it still manages to offer smooth cutting. Its optimized steering system enables maneuvering in a straight line as well as around the obstacles. The 16 inches turning radius of XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″ lawn mower isn’t as great as the 18 inches turning radius of Troy Bilt Bronco 42″ lawn mower but it isn’t that bad either.

4. Horsepower

The Troy Bilt Bronco lawn mower has a 19 HP 544cc single cylinder Briggs & Stratton Intek engine that provides a quick and easy start along with superior and reliable performance.

The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″tractor is fitted with a 22 HP 725cc twin cylinder professional grade 7000 series OHV engine from Kohler. As compared to the Troy Bilt Bronco 42″ lawn tractor engine, this engine delivers a truly powerful and unmatched performance.

5. Stability

The Troy Bilt Bronco 42″mower has two anti-scalp deck wheels that help you protect your lawn from damage and make it look very well clean and groomed. The foot pedal controlled automatic transmission enables you to drive the tractor just like a car. It is a stable tractor as you can smoothly change its speed and direction as well. The Fast Attach Accessories help easily convert your tractor into a versatile workshop real quickly without any extra tools!

The cruise mode of the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″ lawn mower maintains a stable speed for consistent mowing on any terrain type. Its hydrostatic transmission drive provides super smooth operations and totally eliminateany requirement for shifting. You can simply push the pedal and just go.

6. Comfort

The Troy Bilt Bronco 42″ lawn tractor has an 11 inches super comfortable mid-back seat. You can easily get on and off the lawn tractor with the help of the Step Thru frame built with 13-gauge steel. It offers a very convenient ride to operators of different heights.

There are rubber footpads that absorb all vibration when the operator mows a hilly terrain. This tractor also has automatic headlights that offer enhanced visibility and additional safety even during the night or bad weather conditions.

The Cub Cadet XT1 LT 46″ lawn mower has a high-back seat with a 10-degree incline option for an ultra-adjustable seat. The seat also has an oversized base and elevated back support for added comfort. The steering wheel of the tractor has a soft-touch rubber grip for greater control and it provides incredibly responsive handling.

The Cub Cadet tractor also has a quick connect deck wash mechanism that does not require any tools for installation. It just uses a high-pressure water stream to clean out grass and debris from the deck. Its new-age e-coat corrosion defense system offers extreme resistance to wear and tear.

7. Height Cutting Adjustments

Both these mowers have adjustable cutting heights. The Troy Bilt Bronco 42″ lawn mower has a 5 level height adjustment deck. It has a maximum cutting height of 3.75 inches and a minimum cutting height of 1.25 inches.

The Cub Cadet XT1 LT 46″ lawn mower has a single-lever height adjustment feature present on the deck itself. It allows you to choose from 12 different cutting height positions. It can cut to a minimum height of 1 inch and a maximum height of 4 inches.

8. Fuel Tank Size

The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″ riding lawn mower has a fuel tank of size more than double the size of the fuel tank of Troy Bilt Bronco 42″ lawn tractor.

The XT1 LT 46″ riding lawn mower has a fuel tank of 3 gallons whereas the Troy BiltBronco 42″ lawn tractor has a fuel tank capacity of 1.36 gallons only. The Cub Cadet lawn mower needs to be refueled less frequently as opposed to the Troy Bilt Bronco lawn mower.

The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″ lawn tractor also has a sight gauge that clearly displays the fuel level and indicates lower fuel levels accurately.

9. Reverse Mowing

The Troy Bilt Bronco 42″ lawn mower offers an operator-controlled reverse mowing feature. This provides an alternate cutting direction for times when you absolutely need it.

The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″ lawn tractor also offers the reverse mowing as a safety feature extension and enables you to cut in the reverse direction. To reverse mow, you must press the triangle button and turn the key from the “drive” position to “drive in reverse” position. You must then also press the safety button. As soon as you do so, there is a red light that is visible as an indicator. Now, you can push the reverse pedal to mow in the opposite direction.

10. Warranty

The Troy Bilt Bronco 42 inches lawn tractor comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty whereas the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″ lawn tractor has a 3-year and unlimited usage hours warranty which also includes power train warranty. The Cub Cadet mower also comes with a 5-year chassis and front axle warranty.

11. Overall value

The Troy Bilt Bronco 42 inches lawn tractor has automatic transmission and offers a smaller mower size on relatively flat terrain with limited obstacles only. On the other hand, the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″ lawn mower has Hydrostatic transmission, a medium mower size, and is apt for hilly or steep terrain as well.

The Cub Cadet mower also has a battery level indicator, cruise control, deck clean out, headlights and is rust resistant.

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So what should i choose between Troy Bilt Vs Cub Cadet ?

There are many different factors that you must consider before making a buying decision for either of the lawn mowers. You must weigh all the above features and make a choice based on your requirements, preferences, and budget.

Both the mowers in this review are strong contenders of the best lawn mower title, but as there has to be one clear winner, I would definitely vouch for the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″ lawn tractor than the Troy Bilt Bronco 42″ lawn mower.

Although a bit costly, the Cub Cadet XT1 LT 46 inches is a truly powerful machine. It not only has a bigger fuel tank, higher number of cylinders, and a stronger engine, it also has a safe reverse mowing feature other than the multiple other features like that of a comfortable seat and bigger control panel.

The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT 46″ lawn tractor has much lower maintenance and repair costs as opposed to that of the Troy Bilt Bronco 42″ lawn mower. It is truly reliable and has lower chances of breaking down. Overall, the Cub Cadet mower is much more powerful, reliable, versatile, and comfortable. The Cub Cadet mower has already set new industry standards and we strongly recommend you to purchase this for your yard!