Gardening Freaks Rating:-
  • Environmental-friendly.
  • Compact design.
  • It has an easy push-button start.
  • It can mulch grass very finely.
  • It is a corded mower.
  • It is not self-propelled.

The BLACK+DECKER MM2000 is an ideal lawn mower for homeowners that do not have much technical knowledge and own small to mid-sized yards.

Black and Decker is a renowned brand that is amongst the dominant power tools in the market. They are known for producing lawn mowers that you could use to complete mowing your yard at a relatively fast rate. This brand pays close attention to the specific needs of their customers – consequently, they have gained numerous loyal customers throughout the years. The MM2000 is one of Black and Decker’s most remarkable lawn mowers that has been designed to cater to the customer needs.


an ideal lawn mower for homeowners

The BLACK+DECKER MM2000 is an ideal lawn mower for homeowners that do not have much technical knowledge and own small to mid-sized yards.

Performance and Cut Quality

Different kinds of terrains: Through my findings, the 13-amp electric motor of the MM2000 did a pretty good job in terms of performance and cut quality on various kinds of terrains. This lawn mower is powerful enough to mow through rough terrains, hills, as well as steep grades.

Wet Conditions

The powerful 13-amp electric motor of this lawn mower is also capable of producing high quality cuts – even on wet conditions. Even though this lawn mower’s motor is powerful enough to handle difficult-to-cut grasses such as wet grass, I personally think it is wise to not mow in wet conditions if you do not want to hamper the mower’s overall life expectancy. After all, it is an electric lawn mower.

Types of Grasses

Not only does the MM2000 give a high quality performance on various types of terrains, but also on various types of grasses. This lawn mower will produce high quality cuts on both easy-to-cut grasses, such as short or thin grass, as well as difficult-to-cut grasses, such as tall or thick grass. To add on, the mower blades are pretty sturdy to even nicely chop down crabgrass.

Ease of Use

Turning On

The BLACK+DECKER MM2000 comes with an easy push-button for starting it. Therefore, turning this lawn mower on is much quicker as well as easier as compared to a lawn mower with a cord pull system.

Lightweight and Compact

The MM2000 is both lightweight and compact, which makes it so easy as well as fast to push and carry around. If you have experience in pushing around heavyweight gas-powered lawn mowers, you will definitely find so much ease in using the MM2000. To add on, its compact size makes for an easy storage – saving you much room space.


One of the downsides of this lawn mower is that you need to ensure an outdoor power outlet as well as a long enough cord extension in order to operate it. However, with the availability of an outdoor power outlet and a cord extension, this electrically-powered lawn mower is pretty smooth and easy to run – as compared to a gas-powered lawn mower. To add on, this lawn mower gets a minus point from me, in terms of ease of use, due to the hassle of cord management.

Special Features

Edge Max

If you have read or heard about the MM2000 before, you have probably heard about the hype regarding the EdgeMax technology before. While the name sounds pretty fancy, according to my experiences, this feature honestly is worth the hype. This feature allows you to properly trim close to wall edges, fences, or decks.With the EdgeMax technology, you are able to swiftly and smoothly mow alongside the edge of your flower beds as well – with complete ease and no complication! Once you are done mowing, you can look back at your yard and find that you have a perfectly manicured yard.



At first glance, the MM2000 appears to be a pretty simple and straightforward lawn mower – which is true!Black and Decker made this lawn mower uncomplicated in terms its design. As a result, customers find this lawn mower to be easy to use.

Build Quality

The MM2000 is primarily made out of plastic – including the cutting deck, the handles, as well as the wheels. Under normal circumstances, this lawn mower should be durable in the long run as the plastic is resistant to corrosion. However, I would personally prefer at least the cutting deck to be made of steel – especially if your yard has a rough terrain, with steep grades, or obstacles that you could hit the mower with while mowing.


The good folks of Black and Decker designed the handlebar of the MM2000 to be pretty convenient for its users. The handlebar is long, which makes for a good leverage as well as making the lawn mower easy to move. Adjusting the handlebar, in order to sync it to your desired height, is very easy as well.

Setting Up

Unfortunately, the MM2000 does not come fully assembled. However, it is relatively easy to put everything together by following the instruction manual provided. One of the good sides is that I did not need to use any tools at all in order to assemble this lawn mower. Therefore, even though it is a little time-consuming, it is pretty straightforward to assemble this lawn mower.


Additional Expenses

The electrically-powered MM2000is an efficient lawn mower is pocket-friendly to begin with. Moreover, it does not require any lubrication, oil, or gas in order to operate. You do not need to spend additional money on buying air filters or spark plugs either. The one additional thing you do need to invest on, in order to operate it, is an extension cord.


The MM2000 comes with a warranty period of 2 years. Upon showing a proof of purchase, Black and Decker would exchange or fix any of their supplied products if they are found to be defective or get damaged during shipment.Even though 2 years is not that long of a warranty period – as compared to the warranty periods of the other lawn mowers in this price range – it is still a good enough period of assurance that makes for a cost-effective mower.

Grass Collection and Discharge

Grass Catcher Bag

The MM2000 comes with a nylon grass catcher bag, which has a 13 gallon capacity. As a result, you are able to cut over a reasonable distance in one go – without having to empty the bag every now and then in the middle of mowing. Another feature I love about the nylon grass catcher bag is that you are able to check how full the bag is as you mow. To add on, the mower blades produce finely chopped grass clippings – which ensures that the grass catcher bag will be able to store more grass.However, the mower blades produce such finely chopped grass clippings that tend to clump together inside the grass catcher bag. In such cases, maintaining or cleaning the grass catcher bag could be a hassle.


If you are not in the mood of collecting grass and would like to mulch and provide nutrients to your yard instead, the MM2000 comes with great mulching abilities. In order to mulch, you simply need to take the grass catcher bag off. The sturdy steel blades of this lawn mower do a great job at cutting as well as mulching every types of grasses in high quality. The steel mower blades produce remarkable finely chopped grass clippings – in order to mulch as well as deliver nutrients to your lawn effectively.


Not Self-Propelled

As the MM2000 is not a self-propelled lawn mower, you are required to be continuously pushing it around your yard all by yourself. As a result, it can be quite challenging or tiresome to manually push your mower through rough terrains, steep grades or hilly areas. The lack of this feature in this lawn mower is potentially disadvantageous for some users, especially for people that have back pain or elderly people. Even though the MM2000 is a lightweight mower and some people prefer to push around their mowers by themselves, I will give this a minus point for manoeuvrability.


Due to the corded feature of the MM2000, you would require an electric supply nearby your yardas well as an extension cord in order to operate it. This feature definitely gives this mower a minus point in terms of manoeuvrability. Continuously worrying about cord management is such a hassle and can be pretty time-consuming. Especially, if you have a lawn that is full of trees and bushes here and there, cord management will result in taking more of your time to complete mowing your yard.Also, tripping on the extension cord while mowing is a risky possibility.Even though, with time, working with a corded mower would become easier for you as you would become used to it – I personally think this feature still calls for a minus point.


Before Use

One of the plus points of the MM2000 lawn mower is that it does not require much maintenance. You are not required to lubricate any parts of this lawn mower in order to use it – this will save you both money as well as time. Before using this lawn mower, make sure to check the alignment of the moving parts, breakage of parts or damaged parts, or any other defect in the mower that could potentially hamper its performance. Also, it is good to go through the instruction manual that comes along with the lawn mower – in order to ensure that you are able to maintain the lawn mower according to its specific requirements.

After Use

First and foremost, once you are done working with an electric lawn mower, make sure to unplug it – in order to avoid any danger. Next, you should clean both the top side and the underside of the lawn mower after use – in order to get rid of the grass clippings and any debris that got stuck to your mower while mowing. You can use a cotton cloth or a soft brush in order to do so.To add on, it is good to sharpen and balance the mower blades – in order to ensure that the MM2000 is able to produce high quality cuts even in the long run.

What is in the Box?

  • 1 x BLACK+DECKER MM2000 13 Amp Corded Mower.
  • 1 x Grass catcher bag.

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • It is environmental-friendly as it is an electric lawn mower.
  • It has a compact design and, therefore, easy to carry and store.
  • It has an easy push-button start.
  • As it is an electric lawn mower, it is fairly quiet when it operates.
  • It can mulch, bag, as well as side discharge.
  • It can mulch grass very finely.
  • It comes with 7-setting height adjustment.
  • It comes with a warranty period of 2 years.

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • It is a corded mower. Therefore, cord management can be a hassle.
  • You need to get your own extension cord in order to use this lawn mower.
  • It is not self-propelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the handle height adjustable?

A: Yes, you are able to easily adjust the handle height of the MM2000 to your desired height.

Q: What size of lawns can I mow?

A: The MM2000 is ideal for mowing small to mid-sized yards. Although this lawn mower could easily mow 1/3rd of an acre of yard without any issues, I personally would not suggest this lawn mower for mowing large yards. Its best performance will be in mowing small to mid-sized yards.

Q: What material is cutting deck made of?

A: The cutting deck is made out of plastic – which is of high quality and resistant to corrosion. As a result of the plastic mower deck, under normal circumstances, this lawn mower is expected to have a high life expectancy and be durable even in the long run.