Greenworks Tools 25022 Review

Greenworks Tools 25022

Gardening Freaks Rating:-
  • Higher Efficiency.
  • Easy to Manoeuvre.
  • Electric Based.
  • Extended Durability.
  • Not suitable for wet grass.
  • Comes without a cord.

I always dreamt of having a well-maintained garden with a beautiful backyard, little did I know that it would include so much of hard work and efforts! I started my journey with a basic lawn mower that would push out noxious gas smell and had the annoying pulley start. But, in order to maintain my pretty little garden, I went on purchasing different lawn mowers until one day I finally settled on a decent lawn mower – The Greenworks Tools 25022.

It comes as a sigh of relief for those who are looking for an easy to use and reliable lawn mower. This machine will take care of all your lawn mowing needs without any hassle. It is a simple and efficient device to use. The Greenworks Tools 25022 contains a 12-amp engine which easily powers an impressive 20-inch steel deck. The machine weighs around 56 pounds that is quite easy to move around, the ergonomic design of the mower makes it an effortless manoeuvre using it despite the cord attached to it.

The long cord attached to the mower can be sort of a turn off for some people, but with time you get used to it. Also, its 3-in 1 feature makes it up for the aforementioned trouble – it allows the mower to store grass in the rear bag, emit it through the side discharge space, or mulched. The wide 7-inch front wheels and 10-inch back wheels roll quite easily over the lush green grass or hard surfaces which contain stuff like pebbles, sticks, raw leaves, acorns, etc. It is specifically designed for small to medium sized lawns, and its dimensions are 26.9 x 19 inches.

People generally prefer Greenworks lawn mowers because of their high efficiency, extended durability, sturdy structure and their versatility. For example, the 3-in-1 option in the 25022 lawn mower. They are also easy to push around and since there is no gas system, the lawn mower works on the basis of a chord which ultimately lowers down its maintenance cost.

Greenworks Tools 25022 Review

an affordable descent mower with modern features

I always dreamt of having a well-maintained garden with a beautiful backyard, little did I know that it would include so much of hard work and efforts! I started my journey with a basic lawn mower that would push out noxious gas smell and had the annoying pulley start. But, in order to maintain my pretty little garden, I went on purchasing different lawn mowers until one day I finally settled on a decent lawn mower – The Greenworks Tools 25022.

Performance and Cut Quality

The Greenworks Tools 25022 drives on a heavy power source which makes it highly efficient and fast. It has a large 20’’ steel cutting deck which ensures that larger areas are covered in a shorter span of time.

The blades attached at the deck are fairly thin, thus the mower chops off the grass evenly and is highly manageable. This feature comes in super handy at places where there are plants, trees, flower beds, mailboxes, night lamps and you can easily mow around them without rampaging through the grass. Though the blades are edged enough, I would still recommend you to get them sharpened before your first use to get that ‘perfect cut.’

The built and the quality of the Greenworks Tools 25022 is quite impressive. Apart from the great performance that it gives, it is also a good option to consider when you are looking for a lawn mower that works just as well on any terrain, irrespective of the landscape. The Greenworks Tools 25022 gives a solid performance almost everywhere – from front yards of little houses to expansive greenery yards.

Ease of Use

In order to start the machine, all you have to do is plug it in, turn on the safety key, push star the button and voila! You just started your brand-new lawn mower machine without having to exert any physical strength or energy. Coming from gas-based lawn mowers which suck up all your strength making it feel like as though they’re tearing your shoulders apart, I am pretty relaxed with the chord based Greenworks Tools 25022.

Now, since the mower doesn’t come with an extension cord, you will have to purchase it separately. The ideal choice for a Greenworks Tools 25022 would be a 16-gauge extension cord if your yard is less than 40 feet, else a 14-gauge should suffice. Adjusting the chord might be annoying for some people, it was for me in the beginning, but the more you use it, the more you are able to figure out your way around it.

Its strong but lightweight framework allows the user to handle this machine easily. It can be used effectively by both men and women without worrying about the heavy weights of the wheels or the sturdy push over which is usually found in lawn mowers.

The thick rear wheels of the Greenworks Tools 25022 add to its stability and gives a firm support to the machine, making it easy to move around over multiple terrains or surfaces.

Special Features

One of the eminent features of the Greenworks Tools 25022 is that it works on electricity and not gas, which will eliminate the issue of smelly gas toxins that come out of gas-based mowers. It will also help you contribute a bit less in the air pollution! Earlier, when I used to take out my lawn mower, all there was left after an hour or so of hard work was the pungent smell and the uneven cut grass. But, of course, with this machine being driven by electricity, you will have to pay a little something extra at the end of every month in your electricity bill.

Ease of height adjustment is another special feature which the Greenworks Tools 25022 has. Changing height levels and adjusting wheels has always been a tedious task for me with the mowers that I had. Not that I invested in a poor quality or a cheap mower- they were all quite exorbitant with humongous promises. Somehow, they did end up disappointing me with the strenuous tasks. However, the Greenworks Tools 25022 has a swift mechanism for height adjustment which allows you to mow even on bumpy surfaces without a worry!


The Greenworks Tools 25022 can be put together in just 15 minutes. It follows a 3-in-1 design pattern which includes rear bagging for collecting the grass, side discharge and mulching. Greenworks has given a complete sense of flexibility by offering a versatile and multi-functioning design which lets you use the machine as and how desired.

The Greenworks Tools 25022 looks pretty great for a lawn mower. It comes in a vibrant green colour with black wheels and a patent logo of Greenworks at the front. The simplistic yet stylish design of the Greenworks Tools 25022 definitely makes it an eye catchy machine.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost of the Greenworks Tools 25022 is $180 which is a decent price for an electric lawn mower. In fact, if you compare the cost of its maintenance and power requirements to other lawn mowers, you will realize that if you choose a gas-based lawn mower which costs less than the Greenworks Tools 25022, you’d end up spending more on its gas, oil and maintenance expenses.

Also, the Greenworks Tools 25022 pays for itself with the multi-functional features, grass cutting quality, ease of wheel height adjustment, easy maintenance and a strong engine to get your work done in no time with high efficiency.

Grass Collection and Discharge

The powerful grass cutting edges slices through even the thickest of grass, and with a total of 7 height adjustment positions, the Greenworks Tools 25022 can easily cut grass from a level of merely 1.5 inches to 3.75 inches. The 3-in-1 feature opens up new alleys for you to store and discharge the collected grass in a hassle free and neat manner.

The rear bag is attached to the lawn mower to catch clippings, it can emit all the collected grass clippings through the side discharge area, or these mowers can mulch down your grass with the help of the cutting deck. The mulched grass will then work to break down the soil on your yard at a much faster pace. Although it is not a mandatory rule to follow – the mulching – but you should do it occasionally for a healthy lawn and better soil.

The compact rear bag and the easy side way discharge gives an edge to the Greenworks Tools 25022. Not every lawn mower you see in the market today has these features, this is coming out from a person who definitely researched tons before investing in this product.


One of the biggest hurdles I faced with my previous lawn mowers was that they were quite heavy and difficult to move around. Also, if I wanted my lawn to look good with decently cut grass, I had to do it myself because my wife was never able to move the hefty mower even a foot without getting worked up. So, the Greenworks Tools 25022 came as a blessing in disguise of a mower which can be used and handled without any trouble by both of us.

The Greenworks Tools 25022 is a lightweight machine which can be easily handled with little to negligible efforts. Though it doesn’t move around by itself, a slight push on the handles in the forward direction can surely bring it to work at its best pace without creating any tension on your arms. The manoeuvrability of the Greenworks Tools 25022 is any day much easier as compared to other manual lawn mowers.


The Greenworks Tools 25022 has flexible handles that can be folded, which allows it to be stored when not in use without consuming much space. The overall maintenance of the Greenworks Tools 25022 is less as compared to a traditional gas-powered lawn mower.Since it is an electric lawn mower, the Greenworks Tools 25022 does not require much maintenance.

A regular clean-up of the machine with a normal wipe dry on the outside should be enough to make it work just as brand new.Another good thing about the Greenworks Tools 25022 is that don’t need to replace any air filters, replace spark plugs or refill the gas or oil tank on a regular basis. In short – No gas, no oil change, no worries! Also, Greenworks gives a four-year parts and labour warranty for this product. So, if in case you face any issues with any of the parts or the functioning, you can always get in touch with the company right away (PS: until your warranty period expires).

What’s in the Box?

If you are planning to buy Greenworks Tools 25022, here’s a glimpse of what all products will come in its bag:

  • The Mower Motor
  • Grass Catcher Bag
  • Side Discharge Chute
  • User Manual

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • Higher Efficiency
  • Easy to Manoeuvre
  • Electric Based
  • Push start
  • Extended Durability
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Cost Effective
  • Safe to Use
  • Adjustable height levels
  • Can effectively work on multiple terrains

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • Not suitable for wet grass
  • Comes without a cord

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of extension cables can be used?

A: You should buy a 16-gauge extension cable if your yard is about 40 yards or less, alternatively you can also go for a 14-gauge extension cord which would work pretty well with the Greenworks Tools 25022 without any hassles.

Q: Is it two-stroke or four-stroke?

A: its engine is four cycles and this is the standard for newer models.

Q: How long is warranty and what all is covered?

A: The warranty of its parts and labour is for four years. Until then you can always get it repaired or reworked on by the Greenworks professionals.

Q: Is it Self Propelled?

A: No, the Greenworks Tools 25022 is not self-propelled, you will have to make an effort to push it. However, it is a light weight machine which makes it super easy to move it around without exerting much power.

Q: How long is the cord and what size of lawn can I mow with it?

A: The Greenworks Tools 25022 doesn’t come with a cord, you will have to purchase a cord separately for it. Depending on the size of your lawn or yard, choose a suitable extension cord that would suffice your needs. The Greenworks Tools 25022 works with the 14-gauge extension cord pretty well without getting heated. But, if you notice that the wire is getting hot while using the machine, it means you are using a smaller cord.

Q: Does it work efficiently on wet grass?

A: The machine would work just fine even on slightly wet grass, though not on completely dripping grass from the rains. Also, it is advisable to not use the mower in wet conditions since it is an electric lawn mower which can break if used against its normal properties.

Q: Is the mower easy to push around?

A: Yes, the Greenworks Tools 25022 is quite easy to push around. It is pretty lightweight and can be pushed around where ever you want to mow. Its wheels render a strong support and enhance the machine’s overall stability which makes it all the easier to push it.

Q: Can it be used during light rain or drizzle?

A: Yes, light rains or drizzles would make the grass only slightly moist and the Greenworks Tools 25022 can easily chop off the grass finely without any hassle.