Greenworks GLM801601 Review

Greenworks GLM801601

Gardening Freaks Rating:-
  • Environmental-friendly
  • 3-in-1 Discharge capabilities
  • Adjustable mower’s height
  •  Smart cut load sensing technology
  • It is not self-propelled

The Greenworks GLM801601 is overall a good lawn mower which is suitable for homeowners that would like to mow mid-sized to large-sized yards.

The GLM801601 is a product of Greenworks, which is a brand renowned for creating environmental-friendly lawn mowers – in order to encourage a world where the usage of fossil fuels is disregarded. Therefore, they offer many lawn mowers which are lithium battery-driven – including the GLM801601. To add on, their battery-driven lawn mowers are remarkably quiet as compared to gas powered lawn mowers. Greenworks lawn mowers are also popular for introducing cordless lawn mowers – which are so easy to manoeuver!

Greenworks GLM801601 Review

an affordable mower suitable for homeowners

The Greenworks GLM801601 is overall a good lawn mower which is suitable for homeowners that would like to mow mid-sized to large-sized yards.

Performance and Cut Quality

Different kinds of Terrains

The Greenworks GLM801601 was ideally designed for mowing mid-sized to large-sized flat lawns. Therefore, this mower is expected to give its best performance and highest cut qualities on flat terrains.However, its motor is strong enough to be used on uneven terrains and still produce good quality cuts.

Wet Conditions

This mower comes with a brushless motor that provides more torque as well as more power to your tool – giving it enough power to produce decent quality cuts even on difficult-to-cut grasses. To add on, for difficult-to-cut grasses such as wet grasses, the mower’s automatic power adjusting system would automatically increase its power output to ensure that even wet grasses end up with high quality cuts.

Types of Grasses

The brushless motor of this lawn mower also produces a high amount of torque and power in order to produce high quality cuts on all types of grasses – whether they are thick or thin, short or tall. Moreover, the mower blades are made of strong steel which are able to produce decent quality cuts even for difficult-to-cut grasses.

Ease Of Use

Pushing Around

The GLM801601 is considerably somewhat heavy in weight, with a total weight of 62 pounds when the grass catcher bag is empty. Depending on the mass of the grass collected in the bag, the mower would weigh more. Despite its weight, this mower is still quite easy to push around if you have a flat yard. However, if your yard contains steep grades, hills, or uneven terrain – pushing this big boy around might not be that easy for everyone as this mower is not even self-propelled.


The brushless motor of this mower plays a great role in providing your tool with a longer run-time. When the two batteries are fully charged, they can each last up to 60 minutes. As a result, for a mid-sized to large-sized yard, you can easily finish mowing your yard in one charge. To add on, even though the included charger can charge one batter at a time, each battery only takes around 30 minutes to be fully charged.

Special Features

Smart cut load sensing technology

This feature of the GLM801601 deserves abundant praises. The motor of this lawn mower comes with an automatic feature to decrease its power output when the motor is not under much load, or increase its power output when the motor is under an increased load. To elaborate, the motor of this mower will not reduce its power until there is less of a load on it, or when the cuts are easier. As a result of this feature, the GLM801601 is able to conserve its charge when the grasses are easy-to-cut. However, with grasses that are difficult-to-cut and require more power, the mower would run out of charge much faster.

Adjusting Heights

The smart folks of Greenworks also designed this lawn mower with seven different cutting heights for you to choose from. Therefore, you have seven different positions to choose from in order to figure out which position you are comfortable to work with. If you experience a lot of resistance during mowing, you can simply adjust the height setting until you fix the mower to a position you find comfort in pushing around. If you set the mower at a lower level than the grass, it maygetmore resistant for you to move the mower around. In that case, you can just increase the height setting till you experience no resistance.



The GLM801601 has the look of a bulky mower – even though it is easy to push around. This lawn mower has an angled design as well as big wheels that make it look like a race car. The appearance of a race car as well as the neon green colour provides a fun touch to this lawn mower’s overall appearance.

Build Quality

I find that Greenworks ensured that every single part of this mower is well thought of and made of high quality products. The mower deck is made from a high grade plastic that Greenworks designed for avoiding rust. As it is made from a tough polymer, the GLM801601 is meant to be a durable lawn mower in the long run, under normal circumstances. Moreover, the mower blades are made of sturdy steel which makes them durable as well.


The design of the handlebar of this mower is pretty convenient.  You can easily fold and lockthe handlebar at the base for a compact storage.

Cost Effectiveness


The kind folks of Greenworks give their word that they will replace or fix any of their supplied products if they are found defective or get ruined during shipment – provided that you can show a proof of purchase. The warranty period that covers for the mower is for 4 years, and for the battery they provide a 2 year warranty. I honestly think that it is a decent warranty period given by Greenworks which ensures you a high quality product to use for the money you invest.


 The Greenworks GLM801601comes with a brushless motor which is expected to lead to less wear and tear and, as a result, potentially extend the lifetime of the tool. To add on, the high grade plastic of the mower deck and the sturdy steels of the mower blades promise to deliver high quality performance even in the long run – under normal circumstances.

Grass Collection and Discharge

Mulching and Side Discharge

The GLM801601 comes with a mulch plug that comes pre-installed in the rear slot. In order to mulch and deliver nutrients to your lawn, you simply need to take off the grass catcher bag. You can also choose to use the side discharge option and blow grass out a side chute.The mower consists of two identical blades, which are made of sturdy steel, in order to cut as well as mulchevery type of grass in high quality.

Grass Catcher Bag

In order to collect grass, you simply need to take off the mulch plug. The GLM801601 is designed to mow mid-sized to large-sized yards. Therefore, you can expect to collect plenty of grass in the grass catcher bag before you need to empty it.



The GLM801601 lawn mower has a total weight of 62 pounds when the grass catcher bag is empty. Even though it cannot be considered a lightweight lawn mower, it is considerably easy to push around on flat yards. However, if your yard consists of an uneven terrain, hills, or steep grades – for easier manoeuvrability, you might want to get yourself an electric lawn mower that is self-propelled because this one is not.

Cutting Deck

The GLM801601 comes with a wide cutting deck which allows you to cover and mow plenty of area in one go. As a result, depending on the size of your yard and the amount of grass present, you can finish mowing your yard considerably faster.


Greenworks have made their name amongst some of the top cordless, battery-powered mowers. With the GLM801601 mower being cordless, you do not need to think about cord management at all.You need to mow distant places from a charging station? No worries. Your yard is full of bushes and trees? Not a big deal.The GLM801601 lawn mower has got you covered.Stop killing any more of your time due to the hassle of cords getting entangled with various objects here and there.

Not Self-Propelled

The GLM801601 is kind of a bulky machine to begin with and it is not even self-propelled – I personally think this lawn mower calls for some minus points due to this.Therefore, you need to be constantly pushing the mower around your yard by yourself. As a result, if your yard consists of uneven terrain or steep grades, it might take you more time to manoeuvre this mower and finish mowing your whole yard – as compared to a self-propelled lawn mower.


Mower Blades

The GLM801602 comes with twin mower blades that are sturdy and made of steel. The blades do not need any sharpening in order to produce high quality cuts during its first uses. However, Greenworks suggest that it is ideal to sharpen the mower blades seasonally or replace them if needed – to ensure optimum cuts even in the long run. The mower blades can be replaced without much hassle, so this should not be a problem.

What is in the box?

  • 1 x Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower GLM801602
  • 2 x Rechargeable 80 volt lithium ion battery.
  • 1 x Charger.
  • 1 x Grass Catcher Bag.
  • 1 x Handlebar extension.
  • 1 x User manual.

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • It is environmental-friendly as it runs on rechargeable lithium battery.
  • It comes with 3-in-1 discharge capabilities, including: rear discharge, mulching, and side discharge.
  • You can adjust this mower’s height to seven different cutting heights.
  • It comes with two 80 volt rechargeable lithium batteries – not just one!
  • It comes with a smart cut load sensing technology, which not only produces high quality cuts on all types of grass but also conserves charge when the cuts are considerably easy.
  • It is cordless and therefore, you can easily mow far places from a charging station without having to worry about cord management.
  • You can easily fold and lock the handlebar for a compact storage.

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • It is not self-propelled. Therefore, you would need to continuously push it around your yard and it can be quite tiresome to manoeuvre in uneven terrains or steep grades.
  • Even though two batteries are provided with this mower, only one charger is provided. The charger can only charge one battery at a time.
  • When operated in high speed, this mower tends to make noise. Therefore, you might want to get yourself some earplugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the estimated runtime of 2AH and 4AH models?

A: With fully charged batteries, you are expected to have a runtime of up to 60 minutes – with which you can definitely mow a yard around 1/3 acre or more.

Q: What kind of extension cables can be used?

A: The GLM801601 is a cordless lawn mower. Therefore, there is no requirement of using extension cables in order to operate it.

Q: How long is warranty and what all is covered?

A: The warranty period of the mower is for 4 years, whereas lithium ion batteries carry a 2 year warranty from the shipping date. Greenworks claim that their warranty will cover any of their items that are defective, or get damaged during shipping; provided that a proof of purchase is shown.

Q: Is it Self Propelled?

Answer:No, this is not a self-propelled lawn mower. Therefore, you need to be constantly pushing it around your yard by yourself.

Q: Does it work efficiently on wet grass?

A: Yes it does. The GLM801601 comes with a smart cut load sensing technology which results in the mower increasing its power output for cutting difficult-to-cut grass such as wet grass. Therefore, this mower can produce high quality cuts even on wet grass.

Q: Is the mower easy to push around?

A: The GLM801601 weighs around 62 pounds – which is not exactly considered lightweight. Therefore, most people is expected to find it easy to push around, but it is possible that not everyone would find it so easy to manoeuvre.

Q: Can it be used during light rain or drizzle?

A: Even though the GLM801601 is sturdy enough to function during light rain or drizzle, it is best to not expose an electrically powered machine to wet conditions. Exposing this lawn mower to wet conditions could potentially hamper its durability in the long run.