Husqvarna Automower 315 Review: Is It Efficient?

Husqvarna Automower 315

Gardening Freaks Rating:-
  • Smartphone-pairable.
  • Really quiet mowing.
  • Professional-grade cut.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Time-consuming to set up.
  • It is expensive.

Once you survive the initial hurdles that are the product installation and setup, you will be able to enjoy the Husqvarna 315 robotic mower. It is noise-free and efficiently uses up energy, with impressive cutting results every single time.

Husqvarna is a manufacturer of power tools from Sweden and was established in 1959. Their many years of expertise has made them one of the big names in the industry, having earned trust and respect from consumers. They create mowers and other equipment that provide quality and ergonomics, with models built to last—their robotic mowers are user-friendly and energy-efficient. They also manufacture products with the comfort and convenience of the user in mind. Their feature-packed mowers are definitely worth adding to any home’s power tool collection.

Husqvarna 315 is a fancy lawnmower with all the essentials of robotic type equipment. There are mixed reviews regarding this product, and it’s time for us to find out why.

Husqvarna Automower 315 Review

noise-free and efficient mover

Once you survive the initial hurdles that are the product installation and setup, you will be able to enjoy the Husqvarna 315 robotic mower. It is noise-free and efficiently uses up energy, with impressive cutting results every single time.

Performance and Cut Quality

I am not too fond of robotic mowers, and still, consider the traditional mowers to be the practical and adequate mowing equipment. However, the times have changed and there’s really no stopping robotic mowers from stealing the spotlight. The Husqvarna Automower 315 is the brand’s entry-level model of their robotic mowers line. It doesn’t fall short on the basic necessities of a robomower: automatic charging, set-it-forget-it function, and a smart app to monitor and control it. It practically glides over a smooth lawn and can do so every day. Not only that, it can go up slopes of about 40%, what with its robust wheels that provide great traction.

The Husqvarna 315 is capable of mowing lawns of up to 1,500 sq. meters wide. It’s built to perform on medium to large yards and sets the mowing frequency based on the grass’ growth rate. I could also control it remotely through the app, and forget it as soon as I set it out to do the job. It’s very convenient and effortless on my part, and that is the true beauty of robotic mowers.

In terms of cutting quality, this machine is expert-grade, seeing as the deck technology is unique and powerful to perform the precision cutting. Consistency in the cutting quality is something that robomowers can boast about. You get quality comparable or sometimes even better than professional mowing service or a meticulous and powerful gas mower could do.

The mower’s lithium battery has a maximum capacity of more than an hour, and it could cut up to ¼ of an acre with just a single charge. You don’t have to worry about the performance of this product because when it boils down to it, the Husqvarna 315 always delivers.

Ease of Use

I definitely had no problem using the unit; in fact, I have forgotten about it at one point because it was too quiet. Although the initial setup of the perimeter and the pairing could be a deterring factor to buy this model (especially if technology scares you), programming is an easy task. What’s even easier is charging it when it runs out of battery. You don’t have to do anything, just wait for it to detect low power and it automatically drives itself to the charging station and stays there as a good robot would.

Despite the tedious installation (and an installation kit that you have to buy), the device can look after itself quite well. There are sensors equipped with its technology, such as the rain sensor that prevents it from potentially getting damaged by a downpour and an analyzing sensor that detects growth patterns and adjusts its height and frequency according to the data it has acquired. It also has a lift and tilt sensor that stops its blades once someone picks it up or if it encounters a huge obstacle.

To keep tabs on the device, I had to pair it with a phone app and it was really convenient to monitor and control this mower with just the touch of a few buttons.

Special Features

While the product is a special feature in itself, it is also equipped with more key features that make it a capable robomower in the business of keeping the lawn tidy. For one, the lawn height sensor I have blatantly praised is special in that some other robomowers do not have this feature. This sensor allows self-scheduling of the device, which results in an energy-efficient mower that only mows when it absolutely needs to. It does the math based on the grass height and the terrain conditions and adapts to the data quite nicely.

This mode is equipped with a reliable electric motor and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. This duo powers up the trio cutting blades and wheels that produce excellent cutting quality. The overall weight of the device is 8kg. the Automower 315 is also weatherproof, having a rain sensor that protects itself and also a sealed exterior to keep the fragile electronics from getting wet. The mower stopped as it started to rain and continued only after the ground was dry enough to mow. I like this feature since it ensures that the lawn does not look scraggly or unevenly cut.

I am also very happy with how quiet this machine is. I’ve had my fair share of really loud and noise pollution inducing lawnmowers in years. You can hear a slight whirring sound of the blades working when cutting tall grasses which I actually find pleasant to the ears. I would definitely keep this one if only for its quiet nature that does not even seem to reach 60dB.


Even if I’m not partial to robomowers, I could say that the Husqvarna Automower 315 is impeccably designed, what with its elegant exterior and compact dimensions. By robotic mower standard, this model might not be that impressive, but anyone could take a look and know that this model is efficient and ergonomic. It has an LED display on its roof or overhead cover, and it has easy to follow buttons and clear icons that I liked tinkering around with.

The front and back wheels have different measurements, with the rear wheels having a longer diameter, and this gives it more traction for hilly slopes. It has adjustable cutting heights from 0.8 inches to 2.4 inches. It could be noted that the maximum is a little below that what gas mowers are capable of, and it would be best to use this robomower for maintenance of yards instead of doing heavy-duty mowing on dense and tall grassy areas.

The blade’s designs are unique as well—the three carbon steel blades are attached to a central hub that spins. The cutting system uses centrifugal force to throw out finely minced grass clippings back to the lawn.

The design makes it mowing-ready because it is preassembled and built to work as soon as set up and installation is complete. The length of time could vary depending on the size of the lawn and the obstacles within if present.

Cost Effectiveness

Robomowers are costly and it’s one deciding factor for when one is looking for a practical lawnmower. However, based on its features and compared to its competition, the Husqvarna is an affordable option. This particular model costs nearly $2000, which is, of course, a shocking investment for the middle-class consumer. If we take in the convenience and efficiency versus the price, I say if you have the budget, then you can definitely consider buying this mower. It’s not as exorbitantly priced as other robomowers out there, but can still do a great job of keeping lawns pristine and immaculately even in the cut.

Grass Collection and Discharge

Robomowers are capable of only mulching through grass clippings and dumping them back to the yard, and this model is no exception. It comes pre-assembled so there is no need to attach any mulching blade; the three carbon steel blades finely chop the grass clippings and fly out due to the centrifugal force of the central hub. There is no worry for stray clippings hitting or cutting your skin or eyes, though. The razor blades are equipped with safety features and tight attachment to prevent any accident from befalling the user and bystanders.


Since the Husqvarna Automower 315 is electric-powered, manoeuvrability is absolutely excellent at the get-go. Upon initial use, the mower moved freely on the perimeters set on my lawn. It learned the contour of my lawn and checked for any obstacles that may hinder its performance (my front lawn had nothing of those). The sensors can identify small objects and pass through them if they are just rocks, twigs or other small stuff. The machine learns not to cut smaller obstacles so it doesn’t damage the steel blades.

There is just one issue with how this product moves: navigation might be faulty. I have tried it on a lawn with a narrow passage, and it just hesitated to move into the way and out onto the lawn. If the sensors detect large objects surrounding it, the machine suddenly stops working or just stays whirring in place. It took a while to solve this; with a little help, I was able to set up a different boundary wire that defines the narrow passage. The mower was then able to identify the way and learned it easily thereafter.


Robomowers need little to no maintenance. As I have mentioned, the Husqvarna Automower 315 is capable of looking after itself and is self-sufficient enough to know when to charge or stop operations when conditions are undesirable for mowing. There isn’t much to do after the initial set up. What I only keep in mind is to clean the blades every after use, and to check and clean every nook and cranny with a clean cloth. I have stored it for the winter because I heard that exposing it to cold weather freezes the blades, potentially damaging them.

The set comes with extra blades, and so changing the blades is actually recommended by the manufacturer if they are worn out or aren’t cutting precisely anymore. I used gloves for my safety, but it was fairly easy and fast to change blades as per the brand’s instructions.

What’s in the Box?

The box holds the Husqvarna Automower 315, and this comes assembled and ready to use with the initial blades attached already. It also includes the pegs and wires needed to set up the perimeter, and an instruction manual with all the details of installation and programming inside it.

The unit comes with the parts that work together to give the mower its mowing ability, such as the robust wheels, chassis box housing the electric-powered motor, battery and electronics, rating plate, contact strips, blade disc, skid plate, display and keypad, and more.

The manufacturer recommends having a professional do the installation to fulfil warranty conditions. The installation kit has to be purchased separately.

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • Smartphone-pairable.
  • Can handle slopes up to 40% high.
  • Really quiet mowing.
  • Professional-grade cut
  • energy-efficient.
  • Set schedule based on the grass growth rate.
  • Excellent mulching capability.
  • Adequate safety features.

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • Installation kits sold separately and time-consuming to set up.
  • Difficult to navigate tight spaces.
  • A lot expensive than traditional mowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of wires should I choose to install around my lawn?

A: The package comes with compatible wires that you can use in the installation. If the given wire does not fit, you can use any low voltage installation wire for auto mowers.

Q: Does the mower have multi-zone capability?

A: Yes, this robotic mower is capable of setting up multiple zones for your lawn.

Q: Will the mower cross over concrete?

A: Yes, as long as the boundary wires are set in a way that the mower crosses over concrete, and as long as there is no ledge.

Q: What happens when the mower gets stuck?

A: The mower stops when it cannot go over an obstacle or if boundary wires are not detected by its system. However, if the wheels are capable of spinning on a tight space, it will continue to drive freely in place.

Q: Will it be able to cut weeds?

A: Yes, the device can readily cut weeds and tough grasses as long as they are as tall as the maximum cutting height.

Q: Is it safe to be used in households with pets?

A: Household pets like dogs would be detected as obstacles and would, therefore, cause the mower to stop its operation, which is a safety feature that protects your pet.

Q: Can it drive over water puddles?

A: If the puddle isn’t deep enough to damage any part, then yes it could drive over. However, for device safety, prevent the mower from going over deep puddles.