Lawn-Boy 10732 Review

Lawn-Boy 10732

Gardening Freaks Rating:-
  • Easy to use
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Lightweight
  •  Self-propelled
  •  Bigger bag capacity
  •  Flawed front wheel design
  •  Safety issues in faulty parts

Lawn-Boy 10732 is the cost-efficient upgrade of its predecessors, but unfortunately has some flaws in parts of the design; however, I believe it’s still a decent model from the Lawn-Boy line. It’s lightweight and easy to handle. This makes it true to the Lawn Boy brand.

Lawn-Boy is a trusted brand manufactured by Toro Company, the leading maker of lawnmowers that last for years, and positively acclaimed by many users. They have a variety of models that offer different features fitting the budget and needs specific to an owner’s liking. Their lawnmowers are preferred for their durability and ease-of-use. They manufacture cost-effective and fuel-efficient units that would start almost automatically.

There are mixed reviews for this product, but for my piece, I will rate it in terms of various parameters based on my experience using it. Feel free to use this as a guide before finally purchasing this specific model.

Lawn-Boy 10732 Review

an affordable Descent mower with modern features

Lawn-Boy 10732 is the cost-efficient upgrade of its predecessors, but unfortunately has some flaws in parts of the design; however, I believe it’s still a decent model from the Lawn-Boy line. It’s lightweight and easy to handle. This makes it true to the Lawn Boy brand.

Performance and Cut Quality

The Lawn-Boy 10732 works best in normal conditions—that is in flat, moderate height grasses. For something that is basic in style, this model performs greatly as long as the carburettor is kept clean and checked before starting. I use it to mow the yard regularly, and it runs smoothly. In hilly locations, I strictly recommend cutting sideways or slanting instead of up and down. Also, it is harder to operate in tall and dense grassy conditions. This is probably because of the small engine.

In terms of cut quality, the 10732 has an adjustable cut height, and can, therefore, cut well up to grass level of 3 ¾ inches. The cut is even, but I do not recommend this for use on wet grass, because slipping is a big possibility. Also, if your yard has more than a few bumps and holes, I don’t think this lawnmower would work for you.

Ease of Use

This is what I like most about the Lawn-Boy 10732 (as with all the Lawn-Boy products I’ve tried before)—it’s very easy to use! It has a simplistic design, and while it lacks some innovative features like a smart drive control, this also means that the system is sensible and there wasn’t much intensive learning to do. This brought me a sense of familiarity, and I was comforted by the fact that it’s really a breeze to operate.

I’ve always had an issue with lawnmowers that are so heavy I find it hard to push it around. I did not have that problem with this model. I’m a small person, to begin with; there are some machines that are just hard to handle because of my height. With the Lawn-Boy 10732, it’s weight (66 pounds) is light compared with older units, and it’s a positive feature for me.

Special Features

The 10732 has a self-propel system, which takes it up a notch from the older push method. It has a rear wheel drive system in place, and this makes for better hilly mowing since it has more traction than other models. I am also able to adjust the cut height easily because of its 2-point control on one side of this lawnmower.

This unit is equipped with a Kohler XT6 engine, and I find that it requires only little maintenance in the long run. Also, there are three options for discharge: bagging, mulching or the side discharge. I personally prefer the mulching ability because it makes the discharge easier to put back into the lawn and to use for composting. If you use bags, the power is also considerably better because of its larger bag capacity.

As a buyer, I also checked for the warranty before purchasing. It has two full warranties: one, a 3-year Tru-Start Engine warranty that promises to fix the unit free if it fails to start in one or two pulls; two, a 2-year Full Warranty for manufacturing defects of the parts.


If we talk about the design, it would be best if we start with the positives. For one, setting it up is really easy and works in just one or two pulls. For another, it has an overhead valve engine. I’ve learned that engines like this are more efficient and produces less noise as compared to the side-valve types. Also, its steel deck is 21 inches that make for better cutting and mulching, and I like how it’s built to be durable and versatile.

Now for the negatives, which I hate to say is quite a lot. I’ve had the nasty experience of having some rivets fall off, making it harder to mow since height adjustment was impossible. There was an issue with the self-propeller mechanism once, too, but one trip to the repair shop and it worked again. I also don’t like how the front wheel adjustment is made out of plastic. It limits me to achieve the cutting depth that I want.

The bag is also funnily placed, and I’ve had it open loose once and some debris flew off, nearly hitting my face. I think this is because of how the bag is anchored—it is engaged in L-shape instead of a hook, so the bag does not have resistance as it bounces up. The air filter also wouldn’t stay closed, so I had to use duct tape to keep fixing it.

Cost Effectiveness

The Lawn-Boy 10732 is priced at $280, and if you’ve asked around for lawnmower prices, this is definitely on the low-cost side. This model is for the budget-conscious person. It’s not as feature-rich as the more expensive models, but it definitely does the job. I think it’s pretty cost-effective, considering that it has levelled up some of the designs such as the self-propelled, rear wheel drive system and variable speed.

Some users have complained about how there is no clutch brake system or a washout port, but if you were to ask me, these are unnecessary, especially when you are only going to use the 10732 for a moderately-sized, flat terrain yard.

Grass Collection and Discharge

As I’ve said, the bag capacity is larger than its older predecessors at 30 kg. This allows for greater and more efficient grass collection. Also, there are no additional tools required for discharging grass clippings, and that’s definitely a plus for me. As mentioned, there are three discharge methods: mulching, bagging and side discharge (an optional feature). Every time I use the mulching option, I remove the grass bag first. The mulch is then brought back to the lawn without much effort from me.

As for bagging, I find that the bag capacity is just right to accommodate the grass clippings I mow from my lawn. There are times when the bag has to be emptied before it is even halfway full, but it has occurred only a few times since I bought it. I also make it a point to check the grass bag for any tear or wearing out, since this might cause stones and other debris to fly off the bag. You do not want this kind of hazard to fall on you.


Due to the mower being lightweight, manoeuvring it is considerably easier than most lawnmowers in the market. Pushing it around with the self-propel system made it easier for me to mow my lawn efficiently. This also makes the 10732 easy to move from one place to another and makes for loading it to a car or truck effortlessly for transport. Since it’s a rear wheel drive, pushing it up on hilly terrain is not only possible but an uncomplicated task as well. It’s also unproblematic to adjust the self-propel system: just increase space between the handle and the self-propel bar. I found this feature also adds to the manoeuvrability of this model.


The instruction manual comes with a maintenance schedule recommendation that I follow religiously, and it has made my unit fairly working in good condition. For example, I check the oil and other parts before operating it fully. After use, I carefully wipe away any debris or clippings from under the lawnmower. There are also instructions for maintaining the air-cleaner, and I found this very useful in helping keep the machine in tip-top shape.

Before I perform any maintenance procedure, I make it sure to disconnect the wire from the spark plug and wait for all moving parts to stop completely before touching any part of it. There should be safety precautions in place for handling mowers, especially when it comes to the blades. I always make it a point to run the engine dry, too; I do not want to handle any gas leaks if I could help it.

What’s in the box?

The Lawn-Boy 10732 package comes with one unit of the mower with its engine wrapped in a protective plastic cover, and the handle folded. It also includes the recoil-starter Rope that can be installed following the instruction manual.

The unit is complete with the necessary parts for operation. This includes a self-propelling drive bar, a recoil-start handle, a grass bag, an oil fill/dipstick, a cutting-height lever, a blade-control bar, a fuel-tank cap, an air filter, and spark plug. For assembly, I only needed to attach the handle and connect the cables.

As it is, the box includes all the parts to be assembled and make the lawnmower work, except for the fuel which you can buy separately to power the machine. There are also Lawn-Boy compatible accessories that you can buy to enhance the working capacity of the unit.

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • Easy to use
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Lightweight
  •  Starts in one or two pulls
  •  Self-propelled
  •  Bigger bag capacity
  •  Larger gas tank
  •  Budget-friendly 

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • Small engine (harder to operate in tall grass)
  •  Flawed front wheel design
  •  Safety issues in faulty parts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can it mulch?

A: Yes, it is built-in with this feature. Aside from its bagging and optional side drive, discharge, this unit can also mulch grass clippings straight out of the box. No additional tools are needed to perform mulching; just simply remove the grass bag to dump the clippings back to the lawn.

Q: Is it a 2-cycle engine or a 4-cycle?

Since this is an updated version of the older Lawn-Boy models, it is equipped with a Kohler engine that is 4-cycle. This means that there are four basic steps to make the crankshaft rotate successfully. This gives it more torque, making it more fuel-efficient and quieter.

Q: Does it have a bagger?

A: Yes, the package comes with a mower bag built specifically for the Lawn-Boy 10732. It has a maximum capacity of 30kg and is attached to the rear to catch the grass clippings. The grass bag for this unit can be attached or detached, depending on the discharge method you want to use (mulching, bagging)

Q: Is it electric start?

A: The 10732 model is not equipped with an electric start. Its mechanism is the recoil-starter rope that one pulls at least once or twice to make the engine start.

Q: How to obtain the side discharge attachment?

A: The side discharge is an optional feature, and is therefore not built in, unlike the mulching tool. If you want a side discharge chute, you can obtain it separately after filling out the order form after you register your product. Otherwise, you can also opt out of this feature, should the mulching and bagging capabilities are enough for you.

Q: What grade of oil is required?

A: the Kohler engine typically uses SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30, and the rating should be of SJ or higher, as stated in the engine manual that comes with the box. Also, it’s okay to use synthetic oil as well. You can buy them from Lawn-Boy or you can use other brands with the same rating, too.