Robomow RS612 Review: Is It Efficient?

Robomow RS612

Gardening Freaks Rating:-
  • Handsfree operation
  • Low noise level
  • Rain and humidity sensor
  • Environment-friendly
  • Rain disrupts the operation

The Robomow RS612 leans on the expensive side of the mowers list, but it’s definitely a great purchase for people who want a handsfree solution to lawn mowing. This product is quick and proficient and is designed to expertly mow lawns with little human interaction.

Robomow is a company with more than two decades of expertise in the lawnmower-making industry. Their products have built an impressive following over the years, and this is because of their innovative design that incorporates robotic technology. The result is a smart and efficient mower capable of following commands that you input into its system. Robomow provides products that fit into the smart home lifestyle. They are user-, lawn-, and family-friendly lawnmowers, and are ultimately effortless to operate.

Robomow RS612 Review

quick and proficient lawn mower

The Robomow RS612 leans on the expensive side of the mowers list, but it’s definitely a great purchase for people who want a handsfree solution to lawn mowing. This product is quick and proficient and is designed to expertly mow lawns with little human interaction.

Performance and Cut Quality

When you’re on the lookout for a mower that works efficiently if set in auto mode, the RS612 might just be your next best friend. Setting it to maintain the lawn every other day kept the lawn looking pristine and evenly cut with little effort on my part. Since my backyard is small, this product was able to finish the mowing cycle I set for the day under 35 minutes. It’s a functional robotic lawnmower in its very definition, which means that it is guaranteed to perform the job well.

It is a fast mower, with the ability to keep the lawn in good condition as long as the yard is well-maintained. Yes, it can cut tall weeds, but expect it to stall and overheat at some point since it would mean additional workload for this little thing. I suggest cutting the grass using traditional mowers before keeping the Robomow as the “maintainer” of the lawn. Also, the company does not recommend it for use while raining, although it is capable to do so. I set the rain sensor on because it’s not worth testing this mower’s abilities on the risk of damaging its electronics.

The cutting quality is impressive, and that is if we talk about using this as a maintaining mower. There is an issue about the double blades’ gap that leaves a straight patch at the centre, but it makes up for it by being able to go over an area to get the precise cut you need. I only needed to set up the perimeter wires and the mower was good to go.

Additionally, you can use this mower up a hill with 20-degree slope, but as with any mower, be careful to mow only in desirable conditions; wet and elevated grass terrain can potentially cause accidental slips and falls.

Ease of Use

Easy is how I would describe a robotic mower regarding its operation, but perhaps there is a bit of a dilemma when setting it up for the first time. It has two options for inputting data—either use the mobile app to set the parameters such as mowing schedule, mowing zones and laying the perimeter wire. Since the mower’s operation is highly dependent on the perimeter wire, setting up depends on how your yard layout looks out. There are a lot of special setups to take in, such as if your yard has an island or a narrow pass between two zones. These are all discussed in detail on the manual, but for your safety, you can contact an expert to set it up for you (I hired one).

After setting up the area and the Robomow itself, mowing becomes relatively easy and hassle-free. This robotic mower is smart, in that it has the necessary sensors and a battery monitor that prompts it to find the base station (charging station) and recharges on its own. While travelling to the base station, the mowing function will stop and only resume after it charges fully.

Special Features

The Robomax RS612 has a load of special features that improve its value and makes for a preferable robotic lawnmower. For one, it is fully automated and is controlled remotely using a Bluetooth-connected app for the user’s convenience. The Anti-Theft feature uses a unique PIN can be set to lock the Robomow and make it inoperable by thieves. There is also the Child Lock, which prevents children from accidentally pressing the wrong buttons. It’s an additional safety feature that keeps the kids out of harm’s way.

It is also equipped with a Rain Sensor that halts mowing when it detects rain or a highly humid condition. Technically, rainy weather does not pose a problem on the technical parts of the mower, but it could be a good feature for when you want to maintain the health of the yard. Also, the blade height can be adjusted through a knob inside the cover door located at the top. It has a height range of 1.05-3.25 inches.

Mowing options are also available for this product. I was able to set SmartMow wherein the mower learns the edges of the lawn and calibrates it for future use, which enables a smoother turn on my yard’s edges. TurboMow is another option that lets it power through taller grasses quickly. I was also able to use Eco Mode that used minimal power for a quick pass through the lawn.


The RS612 is average-looking for a robotic lawnmower. It has a similar design to the traditional mower minus the handle, which isn’t exactly a bad point; just that it is ordinary at the least. It even looks like a big indoor vacuum the first time I saw it. However, it is also made up of durable plastic, making it weatherproof. Among its many features, it also boasts a floating deck, which means that it could mow through contoured or bumpy yards with ease.

In terms of its motor, the RS612 performs a decent cut via its 22-inch cutting width. The deck is made up of two star-shaped blades that are 11 inches wide each. This makes the machine mow faster than its other competitors. The motors are brushless, which gives better torque and therefore increases the machine efficiency; it also makes RS612 last longer.

This Robomow model is designed in such a way that servicing and replacement of parts are easy to do, and can be performed by the owner as long as instructions are followed carefully. Also, I like how there are safety features on the design, like the blade stopping its rotation when the machine is picked up or tilted. Its bumper detects obstacles, making the blade stop and the wheels change direction before continuing operation.

Cost Effectiveness

It’s common knowledge that anything robotic costs more than its manual counterparts, but there is a valid reason for being expensive—the robotic mower is smart and can be added to the list of devices that can be connected to each other. The Internet of Things, or the network that unites home machines together, is a convenient feature and makes up the smart home. I am not at this level of techy-ness, but if you are, then you will definitely love this product.

This is what I think you should consider before purchasing this mower: are you willing to pay more bucks to get a robotic companion that automatically mows your lawn? If your answer is yes, and you have the budget, then, by all means, purchase a robotic mower to keep your lawn tidy without you having to lay your hand on it.

Grass Collection and Discharge

Robotic mowers are inherent mulchers. Unlike push mowers, you won’t get a grass bag or side discharge option in the package. The mower minces the grass clippings finely and then dumps it back out to the lawn. I am satisfied with how the RS612 mulches, and since this is my go-to disposal mode, having no other option isn’t such a big deal for me. Why do I prefer mulching? This is because the finely chopped clippings go straight back to the ground, making it a natural fertilizer for the land, keeping my lawn healthy.


Without the push factor, manoeuvrability in robotic mowers is based on how smoothly it turns around edges and how it goes around the area. For the most part, I could say the RS612 is agile and mobile, especially when I used the Unique Edge mode upon setup. It managed to learn my lawn edges quite precisely. The mower design enables it to mow corners, which I cannot achieve with other mowers, such as those with a caster wheel.

The wheels are also powerful enough that it has ample traction as it mows slopes or contours. This can also be achieved by the decks floating design, which makes the machine adaptive to the terrain.


The RS612 is almost maintenance-free if taken care of properly. For one, there is no gas or oil to worry about, and no tune-ups to schedule. Robotic mowers are built to last for many years, and some can even have a lifespan of up to 10 years, provided that the owner regularly checks that every part is in place and working in good condition. For example, blades are recommended to be replaced every year. This is true not only for traditional mowers but for robotic mowers as well.

Some other things to check on a robotic mower are Lithium battery that needs changing every 4 to 5 years; any grass build-up on the blades; debris forming on the wheels making it hard to manoeuvre. I wipe the cover and some of the parts with a damp cloth but steer clear of the electronic parts. You can also use a dust blower to get rid of stubborn dust found in nooks and crannies of the device.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for Robomow mowers, which includes the parts, battery, and labour.

What’s in the Box?

The Robomow RS612 package contains one unit of the robotic mower along with the necessary materials for operation, such as: perimeter wire, pegs, wire connectors, plot connector, safety manual, RoboRuler, assembled base station, base station stakes (line to secure base station to ground), extension cable, power box and its mount and a template (guide to install narrow pass).

The unit itself has all the parts that make the mower operation. These are the operating lamp, bumper with touch sensors, stop button and carry handle, operating panel, mowing adjustment knob, and safety switch.

Additionally, you can purchase a Remote control to manually manoeuvre the mower, and to input mowing settings.

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • Handsfree operation
  • Wide blades (22 inches) can cut at the edges of the perimeter
  • Mows up to 20 slope angle
  • Dual mowing blades in a 3-star design
  • Low noise level
  • Accommodates up to 4 mowing zones
  • Rain and humidity sensor
  • Environment-friendly option

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • Bluetooth connectivity makes control limited
  • Rain disrupts the operation
  • Dual blades have a gap, causing uncut strip on the lawn

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can it mow on hills? Up to what angles?

A: The RS612 is capable of mowing in angled hills of up to 20 angle, or 36% in slope. You can purchase power wheels separately to give it more traction, but the in-built ones are enough to mow on the guaranteed angle.

Q: What happens if it is stolen?

A: The device comes with an Anti-Theft feature that locks the mower when it is stolen. You can set a 4-digit PIN needed to operate the machine. There is also an alarm function for when the PIN is entered incorrectly.

Q: How big of a lawn can it mow?

Manufacturers state that the maximum coverage for RS612 is 14,000 sq. ft. or about 1/3 of an acre.

Q: Does it auto-charge?

A: Yes, the Robomow RS612 is a smart device that has an automated detector for when the battery is low. If it detects low battery mode, the mower brings itself to the base stating for docking and remains there until fully charged.

Q: What is the cutting width?

A: The mower has an impressive cutting width of 22 inches, which is the total for its dual blades measuring 11 inches each.