Troy Bilt TB220 Review: Is It Efficient?

Troy Bilt TB220

Gardening Freaks Rating:-
  • Powerful OHV engine.
  • Relatively quiet.
  • Smooth to manoeuvre.
  • Self-propelled.
  • A bit on the heavy side
  • Poorly designed

Troy-Bilt TB220 makes great work of mowing small to medium area yards, and has a self-propelling system that offers convenience for the user. It is durable and has 3-in-1 disposal capabilities but the downside is that this machine is quite heavy to push.

Troy-Bilt dates its conception back in 1937, manufacturing products for the American farming industry. Today, they are headquartered in Ohio and has multiple manufacturing plants all over the country, producing quality lawnmowers that give professional-grade cut and convenience that defines the American dream. Their goal is to create powerful tools that are long-lasting and also of high quality to be of service to the masses. Troy-Bilt not only manufacturers impressive lawnmowers, but also cultivators, snow blowers, tillers and more. Their outdoor equipment is distinctive and has a huge following across the nation.

Troy-Bilt TB220 is received positively by buyers and is one of the popular names for lawnmower brands. Here is a comprehensive review that includes an in-depth discussion and rating of each quality that you may use as a guide before buying this product.

Troy Bilt TB220 Review

durable with 3-in-1 disposal capabilities

Troy-Bilt TB220 makes great work of mowing small to medium area yards, and has a self-propelling system that offers convenience for the user. It is durable and has 3-in-1 disposal capabilities but the downside is that this machine is quite heavy to push.

Performance and Cut Quality

The Troy-Bilt TB220 is a medium-sized lawnmower geared with a 159 cc OHV (overhead valve) engine that means that it is more compact than the other type or the OHC engine. The overall weight of the machine is 79.5 pounds and this is heavy for a lawnmower of its dimension (36.7 x 24 x 17.8 inches). This is self-propelling and has the 3-in1 cutting ability, which all work together to make this mower efficient.

The wheels are 8 inches and this uses the Front Wheel Drive technique. It was easy for me to guide the direction, especially when pivoting, since the FWD does its job in levelled terrain, but can be quite problematic when it comes to contoured land. Add the bulky rear grass bag to it and you could expect stalling to happen. I’ve experienced it quite a few times.

While I may not be happy with the FWD, the self-propelling feature reconciles this fault for me. Since the machine is heavier than what I prefer, it would have been so much worse if I had to push it myself. The fatigue I could’ve gotten from pushing this heavyweight around is lessened considerably, although this hasn’t totally relieved it.

Of course, you could expect a mower with such features to perform well on smooth terrain, but for uneven cut, quality is average in my opinion. The TriAction system of the steel deck helps, sure but I feel like sometimes it just isn’t enough. I had to get a few passes in before I got satisfied with how it looked after. I don’t recommend this for wet grass because stalling and grass clumping are two very possible scenarios, and no one wants those to happen.

Ease of Use

The Troy Bilt TB220 starts with just a light pull, but I make it a point not to pull too hard since it does not look like the rope and its placement are sturdy enough. The weight isn’t much of an issue because it is self-propelling. The only problem (and just a minor one for me) is that the lever located at the right side of the bar needs to be properly engaged to propel it at the maximum speed. Once this is set, the mower can work nicely, and even drive smoothly on even terrain.

Another great thing that goes well with the self-propelling feature is its cordless trait, brought about by being a gas-type mower. I didn’t need to worry about tripping up on some wire or even mowing over it accidentally, making my movement freer than I would have with a corded mower. This made it easy to go around the yard; however, there are times when the gas needs some refilling, especially when I pass it over more than once. The handle is effortless to use, but be careful not to put too much force or it might run out faster than necessary. This is, of course, normal, but a bit of a hassle if you ask me.

All in all, this mower is relatively easy to use, as long as you get the comfortable settings suited to your liking.

Special Features

The 159cc OHV engine is special in that it comes with a reliable power supply and is efficient when operated. This engine needs only a single pull usually, and it roars to life. The fuel capacity is rated at 1 quart. It’s also relatively quiet than most engines, so it doesn’t hurt my ears. The handlebar is foldable and is comfortable to hold and adjust. The engine also has an auto choke system that prevents flooding and is a surefire way to bring the machine to work even during a cold start (especially using after storing for the winter).

There are four settings for height adjustment ranging from 1.25 to 3.75 inches, and the height adjustment for the mower is controlled by a dual lever placed on the set of wheels. This accommodates both terrain and grass types. I’ve also mentioned that this mower is a Front Wheel Drive type that makes turning in tight space easier.

The steel blade housed in the deck is 21 inches and is durable and lightweight. The cutting deck has a TriAction system that makes for faster and easier mowing, what with its ability to circulate the grass clippings nicely so that it does not clump while mowing. The whole deck also comes with a deck wash that is so convenient for when the blade is subjected to aftercare.


Some people like to consider this product as lightweight, but for me, its weight is a bit more than I prefer. There are more lawnmowers of the same dimensions that are lighter. I would’ve given this a lower rating if not for the fact that it is self-propelled. It is compact, though; the OHV engine is designed in such a way that the face value of the TB220 is well-put and makes sense when storing. I’ve read comments about the carburettor getting clogged easily but so far, I have not encountered this problem.

The steel deck dimension is also the right size for the machine’s overall dimension in my opinion. If it were smaller, I bet this product would have to be passed through a lot more than twice to get an even cut. I haven’t encountered lawn stripes while using this mower yet, which is probably because I overlap the paths when mowing.

The wheels are uniform in size—8 inches all around. They can be adjusted via a dual lever, each placed on both front and back for easy and variable height adjustment of the mower. The tread on the wheels are impeccable, but of course, you’ll only be able to appreciate this if your run this FWD on a smooth and even terrain.

As for the make, I am quite unhappy with how a lot of the parts are made of plastic. I was mostly concerned about this when it was time to ship the product. Thankfully, nothing got broken along the way. Some buyers, unfortunately, experienced incidents such as this, so that is definitely a risky detail in the overall design of the machine.

Cost Effectiveness

Priced at less than $300, the Troy-Bilt TB220 is a reasonably-priced mower with all the necessary features you might want from a machine, with some additional features that other similar mowers do not have. It is cost-effective in that the engine can last for an hour thanks to its 1-quart gas tank. For someone like me who has a smooth front yard, it took less time and I saved gas. Not the same can be said for uneven terrain, though.

This pocket-friendly product is a wise buy because you get the quality you want at a price you can afford, plus a little something extra to delight your budget.

Grass Collection and Discharge

The 3-in-1 disposal capability is now a standard for modern lawnmower models, and the TB220 certainly does not fall behind when it comes to cut options and efficiency. The mower is capable of mulching, mowing, and side discharge, depending on what style you prefer the most. For the bagging option, the unit comes with an impressive 1.9-bushel grass bag located under its handle. It is large enough for small to medium yards, and I didn’t need to empty it out often.

The side discharge option was a bit problematic. The side discharge chute made of rubber pops off easily if obstacles are hit, or if you run it through bumps. The flaw in the design gave me issues while side discharging, and I didn’t try it after that. I strictly suggest not to use it when your area is bumpy. The mulching is decent, and the grass clippings are chopped nicely, but if you ask me, there are better mulchers out there than this product.


The FWD of this mower is giving issues in terms of uneven terrain, but I did not encounter this problem when used on my well-kept and even front yard. For the most part, I have found this product to be easy moving due to its self-propelling property, but it certainly isn’t the best for when it is used in slopes. There just isn’t enough traction from the wheels that makes propelling it uphill is a chore, and an unnecessary effort on the user’s part. The self-propel method is very convenient, but not so much if the other parts do not work in congruence to this feature.


Gas mowers are known to have more maintenance to-dos than the electric type, especially when it comes to the gas and oil. The TD220, like any other gas mowers out there, need to be brought in for servicing and tune-up at least once a year to ensure that it keeps working on optimal conditions.

The manufacturer suggests lubricating pivot points of the blade control with oil at least once every season, just to ensure that the blade cuts evenly no matter the situation. Also, the deck underside should be checked every after use to ensure that the grass clippings or debris accumulated are removed prior to operation. This ensures a cleaner cut and a good working blade. The integrated deck wash is actually really convenient if it’s time to clean the mower, making blade aftercare fast and fuss-free.

The product has a limited warranty of two years, but you have to make sure that no damage caused by human error happens, or expect your warranty claim to be denied.

What’s in the Box?

The box of one Troy-Bilt TD220 comes with one unit of the preassembled mower with a folded handle that should be unfolded before you can use the machine. Along with this, a side discharge chute, a grass bag, and instruction manuals for the unit and the engine are also included.

The unit is complete with all the necessary working parts to start mowing, which includes the adjustable handles, the adjustable wheels, Honda engine, and carburettor air filter, oil tank and gas chamber, spark plug, rear deflector, and single steel cutting blade.

The mulching blade is also included, but if you want a higher quality mulched clipping, you might want to try purchasing a true mulching blade recommended by the manufacturer.

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • Easy to adjust the cutting height.
  • Powerful OHV engine.
  • Relatively quiet.
  • Large grass bag for storing grass clippings.
  • Smooth to manoeuvre.
  • 3-in-1 Discharge function.
  • Self-propelled.
  • Traction cutting system.

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • Some parts are made out of plastic.
  • A bit on the heavy side.
  • Poorly designed side discharging chute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have separate levers for adjusting front and rear wheels?

A: Yes, the height adjustments are controlled by dual levers, each one located on the front and back wheels, respectively. This gives a variable height adjustment depending on the terrain you want to use it on.

Q: Is it easy to start? Would it start with one pull?

A: The product usually starts with just one pull, but it’s not consistent always. The rope is effortless to pull, but be careful because the rope and its attachment might break if pulled too hard.

Q: Is the handle easy to fold down?

A: Yes, the handle is easy to fold and also to adjust with its 3-position height adjuster.

Q: Does it have throttle control?

A: The TB220 is missing the throttle control. What it does have are the blade control and self-propel lever.