WORX WG775 Review


Gardening Freaks Rating:-
  • Provides freedom from power cords and gas.
  • Emits very less noise
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Foam padded handle is quite comfortable.
  • Charger doesn’t turn off automatically

WORX WG775 is a perfectly designed cordless,battery-powered mower that cuts quickly and proficiently. Overall, this quiet, environment-friendly, compact, and easy to use lawn mower is a good choice for small yards and lawns.

WORX WG775 is a cordless electric lawn mower from the house of WORX, the brand behind innovative, powerful, and efficient tools for homes, yards, and workshops. In order to make sure that its tools perform precisely,WORX infuses superior technology and value in them and this is also one of the biggest reasons people prefer their products. Also, mowers from WORX are environment-friendly, cost-efficient, and make even the toughest job done easily and quickly.

WORX WG775 Review

environment-friendly, compact, and easy to use lawn mower

WORX WG775 is a perfectly designed cordless,battery-powered mower that cuts quickly and proficiently. Overall, this quiet, environment-friendly, compact, and easy to use lawn mower is a good choice for small yards and lawns.

Performance and Cut Quality

Let me tell you WORX WG775 has a small cutting width, only 14 inches. It means this is a mower suitable best for small lawns. The 24V battery included in it is quite efficient and when tested, it lasted for over 30 minutes. The company claims that it can cut up to 6,000 square feet after a single charge, they are right but factors like terrain and type of grass also need to be considered.Coming to the cut quality, it surely is not made for weedy, debris-filled, tough yards. WORXWG775 is made for cutting fine grass on small yards. Adjusting the cutting-height level from 1.8 inches up to 3.5 inches can sometimes be annoying but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it on hilly lawns. It works effectively on flat terrain as well as steep hills. Not to mention, wet conditions and hilly areas lowers this lawn mower’s efficiency.

Ease of Use

The qualities like lightweight (just 32 pounds), compact (just 26.8 x 16.1 x 13.2 inches), and cordless makes WORX WG775 quite easy to use. Further, you don’t need to charge it more than once for your small, hard-to-maneuver yard and the battery included in it can be easily removed for charging. In order to start it, you don’t need to pull any cord because there is a push button to quickly start this mower.You can get a gas mower that starts so quickly only after spending hundreds of dollars.Moreover, its 3 different clipping methods allow mulching, rear-discharging, and bagging in seconds. This is virtually maintenance-free mower which means you can mow your lawn or yard for years without worrying about its maintenance. I didn’t find any feature that makes it hard to use.

Special Features

This mower is small but has certain special features you won’t find in other mowers falling in the same price range. The best feature of this mower is that it is cordless yet electrical and I have two reasons to justify this. First, you get freedom from bulky cords which always tangles, especially in lawns with trees, and most cord management strategies often fail. Second, there is no need to use harmful-to-the-environment fuels because WORX WG775 is battery powered. This also makes it the best eco-friendly lawn mower in the budget. The next special feature of this mower is its charger that charges the battery to the fullest in approximately 4 ½ hours. It means you no longer need to wait overnight to mow your lawn.


WORX WG775 looks attractive but you can’t put it in the category of durable mowers. The reason for this is its plastic body, even its wheels are of plastic. Since it is designed to carry out small residential jobs and for that, you don’t require very strong mowers so you can say that the use of plastic is justifiable but don’t be surprised if it fails to hold wear and tear. It is not as robust as a mower made of metal. However, its up swept handle promises extra comfort, improved control, and less fatigue which implies you can use it for prolonged periods comfortably.The handle is collapsible and saves a lot of space while storing it in compact places such as your garage’s lower shelf.Once you take it out of the box, it takes around 2-3 minutes to make it ready for mowing your lawn.

Cost Effectiveness

The price of WORX WG775 ($199.99) is also a special feature but I am putting it here. It is priced quite competitively and there is hardly any lawn mower in this price range that not only runs on battery but also offers limited consumer warranty of 3 years and a money back guarantee of 30 days. With extremely low maintenance and no expenses on fuel, it helps you save big in the long run. If you own a bulky gas-powered mower, then also WORX WG775 will help you save money because it is so lightweight, you don’t need to hire anyone to run your bulky gas-powered machine. It costs less and helps you enhance your savings but replacement of its battery around two years later costs approximately $94 which is not appreciated by everyone. Note that despite this expense, you can still save big in the long run.

Grass Collection and Discharge

It is not like other mowing machines in the market which, in order to offer their mowers at a low price, do not focus much on features like grass collection and discharge options.WORX WG775 comes equipped with three grass management options. It means you get the option to either leave grass clippings in rows on the lawn or cut clippings into small pieces or collect them satisfactorily into a bag and later dispose or compost them. My only concern is that the bag’s size is quite small,it fills up quickly and often need to be emptied. But remember this is a compact mower for small lawns, the small sized bag makes sense.


Today, you only get a corded electric mower at this price but WORX WG775 is cordless which makes it very manoeuvrable. Also, measuring only26.8 x 16.1 x 13.2 inches means it a good performer even in tough corners of your lawn.With shorter turning radius, it rolls quite easily across your lawn and does not put any kind of stress or strain on your body. Do you know why? Yes, because it weighs only 32 pounds including the battery.Another benefit of weighing less is that anyone can anytime use it to easily maneuver around their lawn,irrespective of their body type, strength level, age or size. One thing I want to reveal is that when its grass bag is full, WORX WG775 becomes a bit heavy from the backside and if you aren’t careful, it’s front side lifts up. But this is logical and nothing big to worry.


All electric mowers require low maintenance in comparison to gas-powered mowers. When you have a gas mower, you frequently need to change the air filter and spark plug. This is not the case with WORX WG775 because it runs on battery and is cordless. But, this doesn’t make it 100% maintenance-free. When its blades become rough, visit any local hardware store because it will provide you with resources to sharpen the blades. If you are inexperienced, I suggest not to do it on your own. Use a new blade if the previous one is damaged. In fact, it is better to always have an extra blade. Also, when the battery expires you should replace it with a new 24V lead-acid battery. Note that none of these maintenance tasks is a concern, they are the need.

What’s in the box?

You will get the following things when you purchase a WORX WG775 mower:

  • 24V Mower – 1
  • 24V Battery Pack – 1
  • 24V Battery Charger – 1
  • Mulch Plug – 1
  • Grass Collection Bag – 1

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • Provides freedom from power cords and gas.
  • Emits very less noise, a silent performer.
  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to operate.
  • Three different grass management options – mulching, bagging, and rear-discharging.
  • The battery recharges to the fullest in approximately 4 ½ hours.
  • In a single charge, it mows up to 6,000 sq. ft.
  • Foam padded handle is quite comfortable.
  • Comes almost assembled, becomes ready to perform in a few minutes.

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • Body and wheels of plastic cast doubt on its durability.
  • When the battery charges to 100%, the charger doesn’t turn off automatically.
  • Struggles with tough varieties of grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can it handle uneven terrain?

A: No, it is not the right choice for uneven terrain. This mower is best suitable for flat terrains.

Q: What is the maximum cut height?

A: The maximum cut height is 3.5 inch.

Q: Can it mulch?

A: Yes, it can mulch. In fact, this mower comes with three different grass management options – bagging, mulching, and rear-discharging.

Q: Can it mow on hilly terrain?

A: Yes, it can mow on hilly terrain. However, that hilly terrain shouldn’t be uneven.

Q: How much assembly is required upon receiving the mower?

A: When you receive the mower, it is almost fully assembled. You just need to put some parts, such as the battery, handle, and a few bolts, together. In 2-3 minutes, it becomes ready to mow your lawn.