Worx wg782 Review: Is It Efficient?


Gardening Freaks Rating:-
  • Easy operation
  • Quiet when powered on and starts easily
  • No smelly gas fumes
  • No chords to plug or pull out
  • Less tough build 
  • Less powerful battery 

If you’re on the lookout for a mower with a no-fuss operation, Worx WG782 is the one for you. It’s compact but don’t let its design fool you—I found this lawnmower to be really efficient and intuitive.

Worx is a company that emphasizes innovation in their products, and it shows in their long line of reliable power tools and accessories. They take some classic pieces like mowers and hedge trimmers and reinvent them into user-friendly yet modern and intuitive tools. People know and talk of their merchandise because of their unique quality in the market. Worx’ passion for creation, customer satisfaction and innovation make them one of the popular and trusted brands for home and yard care projects.

For the Worx WG782, reviews are mostly positive. Now, let me review in detail each parameter anyone should watch out for when purchasing lawnmowers, and see if this product is the best fit for you.

Worx wg782 Review

efficient and intuitive lawn mower

If you’re on the lookout for a mower with a no-fuss operation, Worx WG782 is the one for you. It’s compact but don’t let its design fool you—I found this lawnmower to be really efficient and intuitive.

Performance and Cut Quality

The 14-inch deck combined with the 24 V battery might not be very impressive, but for something so compact, I find that it works well for a cordless mower. The manufacturer guarantees 10,000 square feet cut capacity, and it’s just right for small yards. I’m saying this specifically because you can only get 40-45 minutes out of a single charge, which is acceptable for its battery capacity.

You can glide through flat terrain quite exceptionally, provided that the lawn is well-kept. In hilly locations, however, don’t expect too much from this machine because traversing uphill takes more power and exhausts your battery. The only issue I had was that it couldn’t cut grass taller than six inches. Like any other electric-powered mowers, there is a serious problem with power. Also, I struggled a bit wile trying it out on Bermuda grass; the machine was slower to work, probably because it’s a tougher variety of grass.

In terms of cut quality, the manufacturer boasts of its IntelliCut Technology that apparently lets you adjust the power dial to accommodate high-density grass. I (and a lot of users) feel than this feature can be easily overlooked; you might not even notice that it’s working unless you are mowing a well-kept lawn.

Ease of Use

If it’s ease of use we talk about, WG782 hits the spot. At only 32 pounds, it’s really lightweight and compact lawnmower that can be easy to handle while mowing. Strength level matters really little, and it’s great for a small person like me. This is a virtually silent machine with the benefits of an emission-free motor, and this is a plus for me since I’m not one of those people who are pleased with the smell of gas.

This lawnmower is very user-friendly—the handle is foam-cushioned and adjustable,making it feel comfortable when held, and the controls are pretty easy to navigate. This is operated through a key system that should be turned before pulling the handle to start the motor. This system can be overridden, but I didn’t tinker with it because, well, safety.

Not only is it simple to handle, it’s also effortless and swift to push around and that speaks for its energy-efficiency and speed. My only issue with the usability is that I had to go over a few times in an area because it loses charge, or if it needs another round to cut as evenly as I prefer.

Special Features

Worx WG782 is on the simple side of cordless lawnmowers, it has a few special features that are impressive for its small size. For one, it has a 3-in-1 mowing system that is comparable to bigger and tougher gas mowers out there. It’s a modern and innovative feature that allowed me to bag, discharge or mulch my collected clippings without hassle. It’s also really a breeze to switch between rear bag discharge or side discharge, and to change into a mulching plug, too.

This lawnmower also has an adjustable height setting varying from 1.8-3.3 inches, and this from a 14-inch blade width. Also, you can change this blade to a mulching deck for easier chopping of the grass clippings. I’ve discussed about the IntelliCut Technology, and I’m not particularly happy about it. However, considering the price, I would say this feature is also notable, especially if you use it in flat, well-kempt terrain.

Also, did I mention that it’s cordless? Yes, I like this feature simply because cords are a hassle to work with, and I didn’t have to bother plugging or unplugging. No need to worry about tripping over the wire, because it doesn’t have one.


The design is pretty straightforward, in that it’s a compact mower with all the necessary parts for its 3-in-1 cut collection ability. It’s 14-inch deck (but its diameter is actually only 13 inches) is enough to cut 1/3 acre of yard, and isn’t exactly built to mow more than that. The handle is well-designed, specifically its double folding cam-lock feature. This is really handy for when I store this mower, since it easily folds over the large sections on its handle. The grass bag is rated at 0.85 bushels or approximately 1 ft3. Tiny compared to some, but enough for this compact mower.

If there is one thing I don’t like about the design, it is that the deck and its upper housing are made of composite plastic. Some users like this because it’s a lightweight material, but I find that it affects the durability of this product. Plastic is a delicate material, and is prone to breakage, so you really have to take care that it does not get thrown around haplessly. Also, the wheel design falls short, because it’s so tiny. You have to pull the axle from under the mower to adjust height, which only reaches up to 3.5 inches. The wheels are only around 5.5 inches in height.

Cost Effectiveness

When we talk about cost effectiveness, this product definitely makes the cut figuratively and literally. Priced at only around $200 or less, I say this is pretty good value for what I paid. It is one of the budget mowers out there, especially considering that it’s cordless. When you use it based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, you will definitely notice how much it’s worth the price. Bigger and tougher mowers can cost up to three times more than this little one, but if we base on the performance, it’s definitely a great addition to my mower collection.

The WG782 puts its best foot forward in terms of pricing, and can last for years which spells great for my budget. I always make it a point to care properly for it, and sure enough, it’s lasting quite nicely for me.

Grass Collection and Discharge

Though the grass collection capacity might not be the good selling point of this mower, it more than makes up with its discharge ability. Sure, the bag is really small and I had to empty this quite a few times while cutting away, but it’s understandable for its dimensions. You can’t expect a lawnmower of this size to have disproportionate parts. I’m not quite sure if you can replace the bag for something with a bigger capacity, but the existing one can be replaced if it’s worn out or torn.

As I prefer mulching so I don’t have to bother emptying the bag out, I find that this mower mulches nicely. It has a separate blade for mulching, so I got mine and I’m glad I did. It minces the clipping nicely and actually becomes fertilizer-grade quality. I also appreciate its side discharge since it went smoothly for me. The bag capacity indicator is also a handy feature that I approve of, since it can tell whether the bag needs emptying.


The WG782 is lightweight and compact which also clearly means that it is really easy to maneuver. This is how the plastic grade housing can be a plus—it allows the whole machine to weigh only 32 pounds, and I could order it around with just a little effort. The wheels may be smaller than what I like, but it decently rolls around the yard, adding to the ease of maneuverability.

Transporting this product is also fairly easy, granted that you can actually carry it to your car or truck. Hauling is so unproblematic; I know this because I have taken it to my sister’s house just to let her test it (she has her own now, by the way).


Its instruction manual does not have that much in the maintenance section, but I guess the simplistic design requires little to maintain except for the blades. Sharpening the blade is essential to retain the balance and therefore the cut quality. I also follow the instructions to balance the blade is that both ends do not drop. Also,the manufacturers recommend blade replacement after 2 years or 50 hours of use, depending on which comes sooner. I have yet to replace mine, but I believe this is to keep its performance in top shape.

Since this model is electric, I didn’t have to bother with the lengthy maintenance regimen that a gas mower requires, which adds to the ease of its use. However, I keep it a point to inspect all the parts and the blade specially to ensure that it operates efficiently every time I use it. Turning off the mower before inspecting or touching any part is necessary, and I practice this all the time.

What’s in the box?

The Worx WG782 package contains one unit of the mower along with the WA3216 battery pack. There is also one charger (WA3721) and the printed instruction manual that has all the necessary information about the product.

The unit is complete with the necessary parts for operation. This includes a foam-cushioned and adjustable handle, switch lever, cable clip, grass bag filling indicator, safety key, locking cam lever, safety flap, motor cover, blade and blade bolt, battery indicator and IntelliCut dial.

The box also includes a single mulch plug for more efficient mulching, and a standard grass collection bag. These are replaceable for when they get damaged or worn out. The battery is also replaceable when it loses charge, and may cost around $70. You can purchase replacement string trimmers, too.

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • Easy operation,
  • Compact and lightweight for easy maneuvering,
  • Quiet when powered on and starts easily,
  • Impressive cutting area of up to 1/3 acre, 6-level height adjustment,
  • No smelly gas fumes,
  • No chords to plug or pull out,
  • 3-in-1 Grass collection options (mulching, bagging or rear discharge)

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • less tough build (made of composite plastic)
  •  Less powerful battery only at 24 volts, narrower deck size

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the battery come with the mower?

A: The box comes with one unit of WA3216 battery pack rated at 24 V. These are maintenance free and does not require any servicing, but they are also replaceable. You can ensure optimal battery life by charging it fully after use, or every 2 months when in storage.

Q: How strong is the mower? Can it withstand abuse?

A: The durability is not as impressive because of its composite plastic build. To be on the safe side, refrain from abusing the unit to prolong its life cycle.

Q: Is adjusting height easy?

Adjusting the cutting height is easy, albeit outdated because it is done by reaching under the mower to pull the height axle.

Q: Is it self-propelled?

A: No, this model is not self-propelled, but its size and easy maneuverability more than makes up for this lacking feature.

Q: Can it mulch?

A: Yes, the Worx WG782 has a mulching option that uses a special mulching insert to mince grass clippings nicely. This is done by inserting the mulching plug and detaching the bag, and then letting the mulch be dumped back to the lawn.

Q: Can it bag?

A: Yes, the unit comes with a grass collection bag that can accommodate 0.85 bushels of grass clippings. This bagging feature also has a handy indicator for when it is full.

Q: Is it a Lithium Ion Battery?

A: this cordless mower comes with a 24V lead acid battery. This is covered by a 1-year Limited Warranty for consumers; warranty extension is not eligible for this part.