Yard Machines 140CC Review: Is It Efficient?

Yard Machines 140CC

Gardening Freaks Rating:-
  • very affordable,
  • decent cutting quality,
  • has a robust power output,
  • weighs lighter than other models
  • no mulching option,
  • has only 3 height adjustment settings

Yard Machines 140cc OHV lawn mower is an entry level product that does not have many features, but its engine is durable and reliable. This is also one of the more affordable basic mowers in the market today.

Yard Machines is a brand manufactured by MTD, a well-known company that creates easy to use and affordable power tools for over 50 years. They have an extensive number of brands that cater to every demographic and taste. Their line of mowers is tough and built to last, with a straightforward design that people have come to love. Households appreciate the simplicity and affordability of their products without compromising on quality and power. Yard Machines is MTD’s brand of mowers, trimmers, and tractors, and all are capable of creating a freshly-mowed yard.

Yard Machines 140CC Review

an affordable basic mower with modern features

Yard Machines 140cc OHV lawn mower is an entry level product that does not have many features, but its engine is durable and reliable. This is also one of the more affordable basic mowers in the market today.

Performance and Cut Quality

When compared to a manual reel lawnmower, you would definitely find the performance of the Yard Machines 140cc push mower a definite upgrade. However, comparing it to all the other mowers out there, 140cc is definitely smaller than what I would prefer. It’s the lowest capacity for any push mower, so don’t expect it to perform quite well unless you are using this exclusively for a smooth lawn.

In cases of tough grasses or condition, I don’t think this machine can handle much. We necessarily can’t blame this on the engine because it does what it’s supposed to do—the Powermore 140cc OHV is able to run steadily and I haven’t had it stall yet. It’s a budget mower that is basic in everything and probably opted for lesser weight than powerful performance.

I took one look of the wheels and found them to be the same size as those in manual push mowers, so I imagined it would feel like using the manual lawnmower instead of a motorized one. However, in terms of performance, the wheels are actually capable of carrying the weight, just as long as you don’t use it on dense grasses and rough terrain. Cut quality-wise, you would not be happy to know that this is not the mower that cuts an unkempt lawn perfectly. This machine struggles with grasses taller than 4 inches.

Ease of Use

The main point of this model is easy to use is that it is simply up to its design. It has a pull cord that surprisingly hasn’t acted up on me and actually starts up in just one or two pulls. To be honest, I didn’t expect much but it is an actual relief to know that they at least made sure that the startup does not have any hiccups. If you have back problems or an injured arm, though, this would be a challenge and the easy startup won’t be so easy at all.

The Yard Machines 140cc model does not have any frills, and it works to this advantage by being a fuss-free mower. You don’t need to remember to insert any keys or push any button because there is no such thing equipped into this machine. What it does have is a height adjustment for the wheels. The downside to that is it has separate levers for the front and back wheel. It seemed appealing at the start, but the more I use it, the more I realize that it actually is an arduous task and stalls you, adding to the length of time you mow the lawn.

I could also praise it’s almost lightweight body measured only at around 48 pounds. It’s certainly light for a gas mower but you’d find that electric models are much lighter compared to this. I still struggled a bit when pivoting or avoiding obstacles, but it is easier to push around than other heavy-duty gas type mowers in the market.

Special Features

Aside from its durable 140 cc Powermore OHV engine, this unit does not come with all the fancy cloaking of other mowers out there. It is an entry level mower in all of its parts and specs. The wheels are measured at 7 x 11 inches, which can definitely roll through the grass with ease because of its better traction.

This mower is 2-in-1, meaning that it can both side discharge and mulch. It’s a relief that this simple machine can actually mulch because some mowers of this price range do not have this option. There is no grass catch bag, only a side discharge chute. Either way, you will have to dump the grass clippings on the lawn.

The steel deck measures about 20 inches, so you’ll find a wider cutting coverage than other 14-inch decks on other brands. This shortens the time for mowing considerably as long as you have adjusted the height accordingly and have gassed up enough for the area you are intending to lawn.

I can say the handle is ergonomic and not flimsy, but it is simple and ordinary that I really can’t give it the much-needed praise that some other mowers receive for their excellent handles. This is just right, considering that the machine can only mow through a tidy lawn and flat terrain.


The Yard Machines 140cc push mower is designed like its manual counterpart, but you will see significant upgrades especially in the placement of the engine and the rear wheel drive function. It is lightweight at 48 pounds and equipped with durable wheels although they don’t look at it.

Unlike other mowers that have complicated and multiple levers not only on its wheels but all over the body, this model only has dual levers for the cutting height adjustment. It is conveniently placed but you do have to reach down or sit before you can shift the levers to your preferred height, which could be anywhere from 1.25-3.75 inches.

This model is a manual push mower, so you get to control the speed at which you mow. The more power and effort you put in, the faster you can pass a pathway. There are no accessories other than a detachable side discharge chute.

When you take it out of the box, you would have to go through an assembly of the detached parts to make the machine work. The wheels need to be put in, the side discharge attached, and the handle to be placed and tightened; therefore, some assembly is actually necessary if you want to start mowing with this model.

Cost Effectiveness

This mower is priced lower than $170, which is affordability at its best, provided that you do not expect anything big from it. For something that has basic parts and features, the price of Yard Machines 140cc push mower is quite appropriate.

While the unit is considered as undersized, it decently gets the mowing done. I definitely won’t be picking this if it comes down to it, but for someone who wants their very first mower with no complicated parts or specs to worry about, this model is definitely for them.

Grass Collection and Discharge

This model is considered to be 2-in-1 in that it can both mulch and side discharge, but I would have to say that the mulching capacity isn’t as good as in the other mowers I have tried. Yes, it can mulch but I feel that it is lacking in quality, which I get from other mowers out there. I don’t even use the mulching function because it is almost nonexistent. The side discharge option is better, but not by much.

If you are one to prefer a bagging mower, this unit is not for you. It does not have an optional grass bag to be attached, and you cannot just place a bag elsewhere to achieve this discharge option. The grass clippings will be dumped back into the ground whether you like it or not.

On the other hand, without the bagging option, I did not have to empty out the bag just to dump the grass, because this unit does not possess that ability.


The rear wheel drive and bigger back wheels of 11 inches are enough indicators for a manoeuvrable model, and this is certainly it just as long as it is used in even terrain. These features give better traction, although I would discourage you from using this in uneven terrain or hilly slopes because it’s not that powerful. The handle is ergonomic so there is no struggle when pushing. I was able to make turns and go over corners and edges because its weight makes it easy to push in a different direction.

This decent-sized lawnmower may not be the best in terms of manoeuvrability, but it doesn’t fall behind the self-propelling models drastically.


This Yard Machines mower is gas type, so it entails scheduled servicing and tune-ups to maintain its optimal health and to prolong its life. There are so many things to consider when using a gas mower, the oil being one of the most important ones. There is the matter of oil-to-air mixture to keep the engine going, and also oiling the parts to keep the operation smooth.

You can try to lubricate the pivot points on the blade with oil at least once for each season, and this is to maintain the blade’s quality and sharpness. Check the underside of the cutting deck after every use to keep debris from accumulating on the blade. You can wash the deck as long as you take care of the other parts, which might malfunction or be damaged if you are not careful with where you place the water.

The product comes with a 1-year limited warranty, but have to give the unit TLC and refrain from abusing the parts. Damaging the engine and the entirety of the model subjects your warranty claim to denial.

What’s in the box?

The box of one Yard Machines 140cc push mower comes with one unit of the body with a detached handle that you have to put in by yourself. Some of the necessary assembly done before you can use the unit are the wheels and the side discharge chute. This side discharge chute should be hooked prior to side discharging.

The unit is complete with all the necessary working parts to start mowing, which includes the removable handles, 7 x 11-inch wheels, Powermore engine, and carburettor air filter, oil tank and gas chamber, spark plug, rear deflector, and single steel cutting blade.

The mulching blade is also the steel blade itself, so no need to swap from one blade to another. The box also has a bottle of oil for initial use.

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • Very affordable,
  • Decent cutting quality,
  • Has a robust power output,
  • Weighs lighter than other models (>50 pounds),
  • Starts in just one or two pulls,
  • Needs little to maintenance,
  • Easy to manoeuvre,
  • Substantially fuel-efficient

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • No mulching option,
  • Has only 3 height adjustment settings
  • Low performance with tough grasses

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it start with one pull?

A: Yes, the Ready Start Feature that automatically sets oil to air mixture enables the engine to start quickly every time, with usually just a single pull.

Q: Is it two-stroke or four-stroke?

A: its engine is four cycles and this is the standard for newer models.

Q: Can we attach a bag to this mower?

A: There is not a bagging option for this model; only a side discharge chute can be attached.

Q: What oil grade is to be used with this model?

A: The oil grade should be SAE 10w/30, and a bottle of it is included in the box to be used initially.

Q: Does it have a mulcher?

A: No, it does not have a separate mulching blade, but it claims to be able to do the mulch option.